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Define and explain the following terminologies:

  • Business intelligence (BI);
  • IT Agility;
  • SWOT analysis;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Enterprise architecture;
  • Management information systems;
  • MIS and DSS;
  • Cloud infrastructure;
  • Data and text mining;
  • DMS;
  • Big data.

Question 2 [1 mark]:

Suggest a list of information technology (IT) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and outline the advantages and disadvantages associated with IT KPI.

Question 3 [1 mark]:

What is SaaS and outline its benefit and disadvantages. Explain your answer.

Question 4 [5 marks]:

Study "Business Continuity with Virtualization"  in your text book [Chapter 2, IT at Work 2.3] and answer the following questions:

  • What business risks had Liberty Wines faced?.
  • How does Liberty Wines’ IT infrastructure impact its competitive advantage?
  • How did server virtualisation benefit Liberty Wines and the environment?

Question 5 [5 marks]:

Study "CASE 2 BUSINESS CASE: Financial Intelligence Fights Fraud" in your text book [Chapter 3] and answer the following questions:

  • What data and IT problems were limiting FinCEN’s ability to fight financial crime?
  • Describe the IT upgrades and capabilities needed by FinCEN in order to achieve its mission.
  • On what does financial intelligence depend?
  • Why is the ability to identify patterns and relationships critical to national security?
  • Research recent financial crimes that FinCEN has detected and disrupted. Explain the role of data analytics in crime detection.

Learning Outcomes

1. be able to describe the business value and processes of ICT services in an organisation and understand the knowledge and skills of an enterprise architect in the workplace;

2. be able to investigate, analyse and evaluate the impact of new and current ICT services to an organisation;

3. be able to understand that effective IT Infrastructure Management requires strategic planning with alignment from both the IT and business perspectives in an organisation;

4. be able to demonstrate the technical and communications skills that contribute to ICT governance in an organisation;

5. be able to synthesise the key theoretical concepts with the technical and management issues in delivering ICT services to an organisation.

Marking criteria
Criteria HD 85-100% DI 75-84% CR 65-74% PS 50-64% FL
Able to synthesize key theoretical concepts, while differentiating between current and future trends in ICT services and infrastructure management Answer is correct, and complete. Comprehensive explanation is provided with appropriate examples. Demonstrated in-depth understanding of current and future trends, precisely synthesizing technical knowledge with practical application. Answer is correct and a detailed explanation is provided. Demonstrated considered explanation of current and future trends. Evidence of synthesizing technical knowledge with practical application. Answer is correct, but the explanation is not complete. There is an effort to discuss current and future trends, however no examples provided to support discussion. Answer is correct but the explanation requires further refinement, does not immediately demonstrate understanding of theoretical concepts. Major omissions and unsubstantiated explanations.
Communication and referencing skills evident in writing Perfect referencing style is used, with no errors. No grammatical or spelling mistake. References are used with minor errors in formatting. A few grammatical or spelling mistakes but does not effect hinder the delivery of the answer.
Referencing style applied with some inconsistent formatting.   Grammatical and spelling mistakes evident in writing and could have been refined to help with clearly communicating the answer.
Applied referencing style requires refinement, however it is evident that student made an effort to reference literature. Writing style requires refinement with answer not immediately clear. Referencing incorrect or not applied. Major errors in grammar and spelling.


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