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Business and Marketing: Human Resources

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Business and Marketing: Human Resources

Business and Marketing: Human Resources

Hello there, I have three journal articles in human resources field, and I have been asked to write 3 pages out of those three articles as an introduction for a new research paper. The instructions are as follows: 1. You start general, so you may write about human resources in general. 2. Write a little about the 1st journal article. 3. Write a little about the 2nd journal article. 4. Write a little about the 3rd journal article. 5. Now, you may write the "gap" that you found after your quick readings to those three articles. The gap should be something that the articles did not talk about or did miss. So, I would suggest for you to talk about "training" for example, and how that would effect the LABOR PRODUCTIVITY, JOB PERFORMANCE & JOB SATISFACTION. This is just a suggestion and you don`t have to follow it because you may have a better idea. "This gap can be written in two sentences as introducing the gap." 6. Then now, you may start talking deeply about the gap, which may be "training" in the human resources. # Note that I`m an international student, and I don`t expect this paper to be too professional, and I would say that my level in English 70 to 80 out of 120 in TOEFL. * Attached are the three articles + one first draft sample from my classmate, so you may need to look at it in order to have a clear picture of this assignment. Thank you!
Human Resources(Name)(University)(Course)(Tutor)(Date)Topic definitionHuman resource practice and management within organizations is evolving gradually but steadily. The significance of people resources within a firm, their management and tasks, as well as the organization of departments concerned with human resources within a firm, cannot be underestimated. Training of these people resources and their subsequent development is central to the success of an organization as they directly impact on employee productivity, organizational performance and job satisfaction. In addition human resources embody intangible assets such as skills and competencies that directly impact on the value of an organization in the market and hence, deserve constant improvement. As such, the manner in which human resources within an organization are managed and organized, not only affect the quality of employees but also the organizational performance and the overall value of a firm.Literature reviewAccording to Datta, Guthrie, & Wright (2005), industry characteristics such as capital intensity, differentiation and growth affect the outlook of human resource structures of a firm and subsequently its performance. Development of high-performance human resource systems enhances labor productivity. Nevertheless, the intensity of human resource practice and policies impact on workforce productivity is dependent on the prevailing industry con...

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Business and Marketing: Human Resources Business and Marketing: Human Resources
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