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The task


This assignment requires you to prepare a proposal for a Multimedia component of an exhibition, in accordance with the guidelines provided below. The proposal should be accompanied by a bibliography for academic purposes – ie, a list of the materials you have used to complete this assignment.


The multimedia component you propose must be an original piece of work for a public museum or gallery: an original concept, not actually on

display anywhere now or in the past. It is not appropriate to find an example on the web.


Important: Do not design an entire multimedia based exhibition, only a component for an imaginary exhibition of your choice.


Your role

You are the Curator within the scenario museum. You report directly to the Director. The production of multimedia components is outsourced and you have to prepare a brief for the production company so that they can cost your idea.



What you need to do:


  1. Develop an idea for an exhibition where multimedia might play a role. Describe this exhibition, giving a sense of its aims, main storylines, and audience in two to three paragraphs. (This is only a sketch to set the context for your multimedia interactive component).


  1. Using the template used by Museum Victoria in the development of the Melbourne Story multimedia components (available to you on Deakin Cloud under assignments), develop an idea for a multimedia component for your exhibition. Use the template to guide you in the kind of information you must give to the producer. Use your readings, visits to exhibitions and web browsing for ideas on the wide variety of multimedia in use in exhibitions.


  1. As a conclusion to the assignment, write a short essay of no more than 1000 words to explain the rationale behind your idea and the thinking behind the way you conceptualized this multimedia


component. To do this, you have to be very clear about what your aims are and how to use the nature of the medium to achieve those aims. Think about the relationship between content and audience, how it fits within the overall exhibition, what communication and pedagogical model you are using, whether this multimedia component is an integral part of the exhibition, an interactive add-on for children (or adults), an installation piece or an interpretative aid for a particular object.


At the very end of the assignment, please include an academic bibliography, showing what sources you have consulted to develop your understanding of multimedia in museums.




Assignment 2: Multimedia Brief

Attributes of a Deakin graduate

What the Assessor will be looking for when marking this assignment:


Knowledge and understanding

Capable of developing imaginative concepts.

Advanced knowledge and understanding of the key issues

Ability to follow the template.

Knowledge of scholarly conventions in the discipline area

An effort to identify and use relevant available materials.

Independent planning, for a clearly defined and articulated project

Smart angles to the proposed multimedia, rising above mere background visuals.

Creativity in solving complex problems

Appropriate style of language for professional museum business.

Effective communication of knowledge and understanding to audiences


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