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The technique that is increasing in present scenario is biometric technology that benefits in identifying individuality of a person with its altered tools in it that are iris, fingerprints, finger veins etc. The most important quality of this method is that it can stow passwords and other relevant information in it successfully without any type of damage. Thus, in this report we are going to illustrate the biometric technique literature review with its proposed methodology and providing its recommendations.




Biometrics security is a safety scheme that is instigated in foremost zones nowadays such as establishments, universities, institutions, airfields etc. so as to validate an operator with which they will not be able to enter in the confidential field for grabbing the essential information or data. Biometrics systems practice numerous constituents such as fingerprinting, iris, retina, voice, signature etc. for identifying an operator while they will be trying to access any system. Another advantage of this system is that it is helpful in identifying the individuality of a person and also recognises the attackers easily if any type of mishap takes place in officialdoms.


Literature Review


In the article “Biometrics – Introduction, Characteristics, and basic technique, its Types and Various Performance Measures” writer has explained that biometrics is the science of measuring physical and behavioural characteristics that are unique to each individual and verifies the individual identity (Sareen, 2016). Writer has given the complete explanation of the biometric technique that is biometrics refers to "life measurement" but this explanation is frequently related with the usage of distinctive biological features to classify an individual. Then further, he has added up the characteristic of the biometrics in the paper that are universal, property invariance, singularity, measurability and acceptance and even he has very progressively discussed the various techniques, its types and the performance of biometric tool.


Authors in this paper, “A review of biometric technique for securing corporate stored data” have illustrated that these days’ biometric technologies are becoming prevalent and the foundation of a huge array of highly safe identification and the resolution for personal verification. Biometric is the technique of automation that recognizes an individual centred on biological and interactive features like thumbprints, uniqueness in case of features, preservance feature, feature of collectability and the capability of the technique for delivering the appropriate outcomes under different conservational situations, suitability and avoidance (M., Efozia and N.F., 2010).


In the paper “Towards an Integrated Biometric Technique” authors have deliberated the new path to technology that is biometric technique or technology. Biometric technology is beneficial in the safeguarding of automated banking, financing and supplementary monetary dealings, trade deals, rule implementation, fitness and social facilities .This paper stimulates how biometrics mechanism functions, how biometric-based resolution is cast-off to deliver for private economic dealings and delicate information confidentiality (Singhal, Singh and Jain, 2012). In this paper, authors have progressively equalled the numerous constituents of biometrics and observed at the numerous expanses of application. Lastly, they have recommended a mixture of facial and Iris scan acknowledgement biometrics for practicing the safety of information stowed by business organizations so that it remain safe from the wrong people.


In the journal “Fingerprint, retina and facial recognition based multimodal systems” authors have elucidated that the biometrics is the only up surging method today that is helpful in classifying the individuality of a person. The main benefit of this technique is that this method cannot be cheated and is not transferrable. In this paper, writers have concentrated upon the multimodal that includes of retinal scan, facial recognition and fingerprint scan. Being a precise suitable and user welcoming method of confirmation it is desired abundantly these days but on the other hand it should be protected and dependable enough for meeting the several safety mishaps (Dwivedi, Sharma and Mohan, 2013).


In the article “Analysis of various Biometric Techniques” authors have clarified that the biometric is mechanized techniques for classifying an individual or confirming the individuality of an individual centred on a biological or developmental attribute that has the ability to dependably differentiate among an approved individual and a fraud. Subsequently biometric features are unique and cannot be disremembered or misplaced, and the individual might meet the authentic requirements to actually exist at the point of proof of identity, biometrics is integrally extra dependable and supplementary proficient than out-dated knowledge-based and token-based methods (Kumar and Walia, 2011). Consuming biometrics for classifying human beings comprises certain distinctive benefits. Biometrics can be practiced to recognize the individuality that is you as you. Biometrics technique is easy for use rapid, appropriate, consistent and is of very cheap price for providing altered applications to an individual. The authors have also provided the techniques of the biometrics in the paper for better analysing.


In this paper of Biometric and Systems Security: An Overview of End-To-End Security System, authors have identified that the online security perils are growing rapidly day by day and protecting the information which is very important and beneficial has become difficulty to store due to these threats even maximum organizations are going through this difficult problem they faces this hitch in business to customer that is B2C and business to business that is B2B ecommerce (Opara, Rob and Etnyre, 2006). Biometric is the technology that can solve this type of problem as it has indicated the upsurge assurance in enterprise security of network. Biometric technology is going to play a very significant part in this problem and will perform as developers of system fortifying the safety mechanism of its businesses or organizations In this paper, authors have analysed the biometric technologies and are describing these techniques which might be utilized for decreasing the possibilities of online attacks buy the attackers and can harm the essential data and relevant information of an individual (Mudholkar and M, 2012).


In this journal of “A Novel Technique for Enhancing Security in Biometric Based Authentication Systems” biographers have explained the enhancing technique of security in biometric based authentication systems. Currently, the applications which are used for preventing and detecting the attacks are system of intrusion detection. Biometrics is the technology which is easily measured and the technology that can identify the invaders more easily than any other systems even this technology is safe for password and stowing the essential information of an individual (Zahed and Sakhi, 2011). Authors have selected the biometric authentication technique for the tokens that might be lost or stolen because this is the only technique that can deliver the capability of requiring extra cases of authentication in a very easy and fast way with which the operators are not worried by the extra necessities Authors have given the important information regarding biometric technique in the paper and also have provided the relevant information of the intrusion detection system and lastly they have recommended a system that is centred upon thumbprint or fingerprint recognition that also permits an individual for detecting more proficiently for any type of mishappening that will be taking place in computer system.


In this article of “Biometric quality: a review of fingerprint, iris and face”, authors have addressed that biometric techniques come across through changeability in information that effect seizure, handling, and practice of a biometric example. It is authoritative principally analysing the information and the records that incorporate with this type of comprehension inside the system of recognition and generating valuation of the superiority of the biometric technique which is an important aspect of the biometrics (Bharadwaj, Vatsa and Singh, 2014). However numerous clarifications and descriptions of superiority existence, at times of a contradictory behaviour, an all-inclusive explanation of eminence is unclear. In this paper, authors have presented a review of diverse conceptions and understandings of biometric superiority so that a flawless image of the present state and upcoming guidelines can be obtainable.


In this paper of “Human Identification and Fingerprints: A Review” have exemplified that the technique for identifying the human and fingerprints is biometrics that is prevalent these days. Numerous issues are there that are causing altered sorts of samples of biometric degradation, concluding the picture components that characterises the impacts of these type of degradations that are also discoursed in the paper. Analysis schemes are represented for testing the presentation of superiority metrics for several applications (Kaushal and Kaushal, 2011). A review of the components, power, weaknesses of the current valuation techniques in iris, fingerprints, and the biometric of the face are also represented in the paper. Lastly, an illustrative set of superiority metrics from the modalities are assessed on a multimodal database containing of 2D pictures for understanding the actions and respecting to the scores that is matched from the systems of recognition. The evaluations of the attributes functionality of biometric superiority predicts that the choosing the assortment of quality metrics might deliver extra advantages to the numerous applications of the quality of biometrics.


In the paper “Comparison of various biometric methods” authors have determined the contrast regarding numerous biometric schemes modestly through defining their benefits and drawbacks. They have provided the brief outline that is frequently offered on the subject of normally practiced biometrics comprising face, iris, thumbprint, finger nerves, lips and speech. The contrast benchmarks slant presented is limited to correctness, extent of pattern, price, safety level, and long term constancy. Biometrics uses organic features or interactive sorts to identify an individual (Saini and Rana, 2014). In actual, a Biometrics system is an arrangement identification scheme that practices countless arrays like iris configurations, retina plan and natural attributes such as impressions, facial expression recognition, speech recognition and hand recognition and so on. Biometric recognition system delivers probability to confirm an individual’s uniqueness.

Research Method Used


The methodologies that have been used for writing literature review are appropriate research or investigation, evaluation or analysis, selection and implementation. Firstly, for writing extensive literature review we have gone through different sources like discovering different articles from library and most importantly online searches. Secondly, we have analysed the appropriate material needed for the topic. Thirdly, we selected the articles according to the topic for the literature review writing. Finally, we have implemented the required materials or articles in the topic.


Proposed Recommendations


Conversing about the recommendations that should be applied in the biometric technique is that there should be application of ethical issues in the technique though it is helpful in identifying individual identity and the possible attacks but the other problem is that anyone can use it without any permission or authentication so invaders can take advantage of this type of technique at times so it is essential that there should be certain rules or principal for the practice of this sort of technique.




Biometrics technique is the prevalent technology now days as it is helpful in identifying an individual’s identity through its altered methods. Biometric is the procedure of mechanization that distinguishes an individual positioned on biological and shared types like thumbprints, individuality in case of sorts, preservance component, constituent of collectability and the capability of the technique for providing the suitable consequences beneath dissimilar environmental situations, suitability and avoidance.

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