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Biography of George Washington

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Biography of George Washington

Biography of George Washington

Attached is the Research paper proposal I have already turned into the class with the refernces that I would be using and here are the comments the professor left on my proposal. "Great topic, but what you provided is not a thesis statement. A thesis statement is a sentence that will actually go into your paper. It should state the overall purpose of your paper and provide an overview of the information you`ll be presenting.
Running Head: THE LIFE OF WASHINGTONThe Life of WashingtonName:Institutions Name:Instructor`s name:Date due:Biography of George WashingtonThesis statement George Washington is regarded as one the greatest leaders ever in the world. He was the first president of the United States of America and also American general as well as Commander in Chief of the colonial armies during the American Revolutionary war. He became the president of United States of America for eight years after which he voluntarily stepped down and handed over the presidency to John Adams. This article tries to explain his early life until he became the president of United States of America and the political achievement s he brought into force.Early lifeHe was born in February 22, 1732 and raised by English parents, Augustine Washington and Mary Ball Washington at the Pope`s Creek Estate in Virginia. In his youth, he toured Shenandoah Valley, caught small pox but overcame it in 1751 while he was in Barbados with his brother who had also caught tuberculosis. He was initiated as Freemason in Fredericksburg.In 1754, Washington began his career as a colonel for the Virginia Militia. He worked in the Ohio Valley but later was asked to help in the British Army during the French Indian War. He organized the first Virginia Regiment in 1757 and later resigned his commission to marry. He worked for duration of 20 years in smart investment. He was then asked to become a delegate in the First and Second Continental Congress`, but he was against independence until 1776.American revolutionary WarGeorge Washington was named the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army by the Continental Congress. In 1776, he chased away the British out of Boston. He was removed from New York City, Long Island to New Jersey.On 25th December, 1776, he led assault on Trenton New Jersey winning the war for the revolutionaries. He led another successful attack at the Princeton on the 3rd of January. Although they managed to win many battles, there was a harsh winter which contributed the shrinking of Washington`s army to less than a thousand people. This reduction was contributed by lack of reenlistment and departure. However, these victories did not guarantee the victory of the Americans. In response to this desertion, Washington set about re-energizing his army with carrot and stick method- a carrot of monetary reward in case a person was listed for more than three years. The person was also to get a piece of land for the duration of enlisting during the war. The stick was a lashing punishment increment from 39 sticks to 100 sticks in an attempt to discourage desertion. This technique was successful and the number of people in the army under the command of Washington rose to ten thousand. Washington continued to fight successfully against the British, losing some battles but maintaining the spirit of leadership throughout. He finally managed to stop the British attempts to suppress the Revolution by joining the...

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Biography of George Washington Biography of George Washington
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