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Behavioral and Biomedical Effects of Alcohol on the Youth

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Behavioral and Biomedical Effects of Alcohol on the Youth

Behavioral and Biomedical Effects of Alcohol on the Youth

a research project on health issues like cancer, liver cirrhosis, DNA technology, euthanasia, alcoholism, drug addiction etc. You will write 3 pages report with an extra pages for bibliography to support your writing and the outline.
BEHAVIORAL AND BIOMEDICAL EFFECTS OF ALCOHOL ON THE YOUTHName:Grade Course:Tutor`s Name:(21 March, 2012) Behavioral and Biomedical Effects of Alcohol on the YouthBackgroundAlcohol poses a major risk on the well being and health throughout the lifespan of an individual. In most cases, youth are normally at the highest risk to the adverse influences of alcohol. These effects emanate from both the exposure of alcohol and the effects of the alcohol abuse from other people. The availability of abuse of alcohol within the home surrounding is a vital risk factor as far as development of social and behavioral problems are concerned. This includes alcoholism and all its effects. Various forms of behavioral and physical problems emerge directly from youth`s exposure to alcohol. Both expectancies and attitudes concerning the use of alcohol are constituted at an early age. Hence, the majority of the experiences of the youth to the use of alcohol during childhood and adolescent are common. The misuse of alcohol by youth normally contains serious devastating influences. This includes acute alcohol poisoning and traffic accidents. Other effects may range from risky characteristics like participating in unsafe sexual activities and interference with performance at school. It can also lead to prolonged poor social failure and adjustment. In addition, these effects of alcohol initiate a prolonged alcohol abuse and dependence pattern. Environmental, individual and genetic factors normally interact in the determination of risk for the above negative effects of alcohol. Hence, there exists various ways of preventing the adverse effects of alcohol. These include proper age-relevant prevention and interventions in terms of treatment. Additionally, there should be increased understanding of etiology, mechanisms and nature of all risks related to alcohol for the youth (Hanson, 2006).ObjectivesThe major objective of the research paper entails enhancing research which will result to the reduction in incidence and prevalence of alcohol-related problems to the youth. This research will tackle the preexisting mechanisms by which alcohol influences both adolescents and children. Additionally, the research paper will identify and mark all the risk factors of alcohol to youth. There will also be the development of all problems associated with alcohol and risk mediation through associations of individual, environmental and genetic factors. The research will also develop and test the various remedies for the mitigation and treatment of all the problems associated with alcohol among the youth.Research Interest AreasYouth normally encompasses childhood and e...

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Behavioral and Biomedical Effects of Alcohol on the Youth Behavioral and Biomedical Effects of Alcohol on the Youth
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