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Avatar and Titanic Movie Review

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Avatar and Titanic Movie Review

Avatar and Titanic Movie Review

Compare and contrast either (The Godfather part 1 or Avatar) with another film by the same director and Compare and contrast the underlying themes. example: Avatar & Titanic(both directed by the same person) here are the instructions my teacher provided: Answer one of the following essay questions. Write no more than two typed pages, double spaced and remember the essays must be typed. Concentrate on one clearly defined thesis. * State your thesis clearly in the first paragraph. * Prove your thesis in the body of the paper. * Sum up in the final paragraph. * Cite concrete examples from specific scenes to prove your thesis. * Pay particularly attention to underlying themes. Your essay should go somewhere. That is it should prove something. Enlighten me. No plot outlines. I have absolutely no interest in a cursory retelling of the story. Assume that I have seen the film numerous times. Work will be graded down for poor grammar and spelling errors. Your writing should be clear, concise and to the point. It should have impact and punch. It should carefully explore and prove your thesis. In evaluating your work, stress will be placed on: a) The coherence of your argument. b) The range and detail of the examples you cite. c) Originality and depth of thought. d) Supporting evidence from the text and films viewed in class if appropriate
Avatar and Titanic Movie ReviewStudent nameInstitutionProfessor Avatar and Titanic The Avatar and titanic are films that have both been directed by James Cameron. This is a man who has shown his prowess in the film industry. His films have always caught the attention of movie lovers. These two films remain the world`s best movies in terms of both budget and sales. They are two films which are distinct in their setting and shooting. It is worthwhile to explore these two great works by Cameron in terms of their similarities and differences. Titanic was produced earlier than Avatar. Titanic is about a flashback of a 101 year old grandmother, Rose DeWitt Bukater, who narrates her story. She takes us through the disastrous journey in R.M.S Titanic. They are on their way to United States to get married to Cal Hockley. She does not love this guy and decides to jump into the ocean. Jack Dawson, a third-class passenger convinces and saves her. Rose later falls in love with Jack, something that angers Rose`s fiancée; Cal. A lot later happen before the hits an iceberg and sinks. Avatar, on the hand is the story of the future. It gives the story of ambitious human beings ...

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Avatar and Titanic Movie Review Avatar and Titanic Movie Review
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