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[Solved] Australia – A Country Risk Report

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[Solved] Australia – A Country Risk Report

Write a country risk report on a country of your liking – with emphasis on foreign exchange and sovereign risk


According to Brown & Cavusgil (2015), country risk can be well-defined as each and every threat related with international transactions, comprising however not limited to hazards interconnected to, geographic, ethical, legal, political, economic and cultural conditions dominant in a specific state. It can be said that this risk is additional of a macro understanding of a nation’s capability or inclination to pay for products and services purchased from overseas. For this considered paper, the country risk report of Australia has been presented which includes the economic, political and financial conditions of the country along with the foreign exchange and sovereign risk associated.

Risks Involved That Might Impact the Financial Markets of Australia

Australia’s comparatively dynamic economic situation is being determined by supremacy in the export market, domestic expenditure as well as a developed labour marketplace. However, there is a certain concern which weakens product prices along with restrained international demand could consider on development, the economy, on balance, endures to enlarge. Development is predictable to carry on at a rate of 2.6 percent in 2016 as well as speed up to three percent in 2017. Wild & Wild (2014) specified that there are numerous risks involved which can affect the financial markets of the country, thus organisations need to fully understand and evaluate the risks which are beyond the control of the company.

Political Risk:

The political risks within Australia are very low, which is a key advantage for the organisations looking to invest. However, since political risk is beyond the control of the company, preventive measures are to be implemented (Cavusgil & Knight, 2014).

It has been observed by Chisholm & Nettheim (2012) that the legal system of Australia is essentially sturdy, steady as well as transparent with negligible frauds. The constant governing surroundings, as well as fair treatment of foreign investors, mark the nation a target for foreign direct investment. In addition to this, as per Correa & Lee (2014), the World Bank acknowledged that business surroundings of Australia are placed in the 10th position out of one-hundred and eighty-nine nations in terms of their“Ease of Doing Business” survey carried out in 2015.

Financial System Risk:

Cavusgil & Knight (2014) specified that the financial system risk in Australia is critically low. “The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority” as well as the “Australian Securities and Investment Commission” are the eventual controlling powers for the insurance business in the country. ARPA is the provident controller of the whole financial facilities business as well as imitates to international principles. Moreover, Australian banks are adequately capitalised as well as lucrative; nonetheless, beneath a stressful situation, they have an extra-large disclosure to the housing market by the use of mortgage lending (Brown & Cavusgil, 2015). In addition to this, the “Reserve Bank of Australia” dropped the base lending proportion by twenty-five basis points to a rate of 1.76 percent in in the mid of 2016 in reply to lesser than anticipated inflation as well as sustained weakness in product prices. Furthermore, there is potential for an additional facilitation.

Economic Risk:

As far as the economic risk is concerned, Correa & Lee (2014) notified that the economic risk of Australia is similarly low like financial and political risk creating more opportunities for international businesses. He observed that the Australian economy is controlled by its services segment that totals for approximately seventy percent of the GDP. Moreover, the main mechanisms are business services, property as well as finance. On the other hand, a characteristically sluggish progression of around 2.4 percent is predictable this year for the reason of deteriorated mining sector, little investments in the non-mining segment and sluggish outdoor demand since China cools as well as the euro zone leftovers weak. Additional financial facilitation and fiscal provocation are conceivable in case the economy does not illustrate the marks of progression (Williams & Alsakka, 2013).

According to Smales (2016), the macroeconomic power of Australia is reinforced by its situation as a well-off economy whose enactment has been strangely strong. This is because of the “economic liberalisation” as well as “deregulation” in the late 80’s the nation’s labour efficiency as well as per capita income have speedily augmented, subsidising to the flexibility of the economy. In addition to this, its “per capita income” on a “Purchasing Power Parity” base mounted at USD 46,563 in 2014, positioning eighteenth universally. Remarkably, the economy worn both the “Asian Financial Crisis” in 98 as well as the “Global Financial Crisis” in 2008, effectively and relished economic development for twenty-four successive years by 2015 . Regardless of the late defeat in the worldwide ware showcase, Australia kept on exhibiting its strength against outer stuns, developing by a still great 2.6 percent in 2015 (2014: 2.8 percent). It can be ascribed to its compelling macroeconomic arrangements in moving to other development drivers as mining venture melts away.

Would the exposure to Australia require the company to have a specific FX hedging strategy?

The “Australian Bureau of Statistics” “Foreign Currency Exposure” survey authorises that business` financial asset as well as liability situations continue to be well hedged in contradiction of a depreciation of the currency AUD, whichever with the utilisation of foreign exchange hedging derivatives or with counterweighing foreign currency asset as well as liability situations. Moreover, even earlier, considering the utilisation of hedging derivatives, businesses in Australia as an entire have a net foreign exchange asset placement with the rest of the globe Do & Vu (2013). It is noticed that after accounting for hedging derivatives, this whole net foreign currency asset position upsurges to some extent. It is principally for the reason that the banking segment hedges each and every of its net foreign currency liability acquaintance, even though this is partially counterbalanced by other monetary companies hedging part of their whole net foreign currency asset disclosure. As a consequence of this net foreign currency asset placement, the net total foreign liability position of Australian economy will not in itself remain a basis of susceptibility in the occasion of an unexpected devaluation of the AUD (Aymin & Shaw, 2014).

Foreign Currency Exchange Risk

The nation`s free floating exchange rate regime that has been set up since the mid-1980s supplements its financial arrangement adaptability. In addition, it gives a critical support amid a time of increased worldwide financial instabilities, in perspective of its gigantic obligation position (Cenedese & Sarno, 2014). Additionally, the economy has likewise profited by the solid AUD, as a consequence of the mining investment blast which contained imported inflationary weights. Furthermore, in the meantime, the late defeat in worldwide item costs, consolidated with the facilitating in the fiscal arrangement, have debilitated the currency extensively, empowering non-mining parts to recover certain footing in driving financial development as mining investment disappears.

To begin with, if associations have the alternative to choose the charging and evaluating currency, consider their national currency to lead the business. In addition, thusly associations can wipe out exchange risk however numerous organisations might not have this alternative (Ahmed & Liu, 2016). Nevertheless, that not, adds an edge cushion to any receipt cited in a foreign currency or make an agreement by which the purchaser and also vender share the risk of critical changes in foreign exchange rates between the time the receipt is generated and the date on which the instalment is made. Notwithstanding this, use monetary instruments like forwards, futures, and options to hedge the hazard.

Sovereign Risk of Australia

Is Australia Less Creditworthy?

The viability of money related strategy structure of Australia in tying down inflationary desires as well as its effect on the general total request mirrors the validity and adaptability of the “Reserve Bank of Australia”. Moreover, the swelling rate is well inside the focused on the level of two percent to three percent, averaging at 2.5% in the twenty years through to 2015. Further, in the meantime, the nation`s free floating exchange rate regime supplements its money related approach adaptability as it gives an essential cradle amid a time of elevated worldwide financial instabilities. Similarly, the late defeat in worldwide ware costs, consolidated with resulting cuts in the “Official Cash Rate” target have successfully debilitated the coin extensively as well as has empowered nonmining areas to recover some footing in driving monetary development (Do & Vu, 2013).

Australia`s generally feeble outer monetary record moderates its general financial quality. Moreover, the “current account” of the“balance of payments” has been in the red in everything except two in the course of recent years, indicating a longstanding auxiliary shortcoming of the economy. It has brought about the economy to be saddled with high net foreign liabilities, particularly amid the mining investment blast period, as the nation`s generally high residential reserve funds were deficient to completely support huge inflows of mining investment ventures (Brown & Cavusgil, 2015). Appropriately, its net “International Investment Position” obligation position swelled to a normal of 56.5% of GDP over the previous decade from 47.6% of GDP in the mid-1990s. Then again, moreover, a free floating exchange rate regime goes about as an imperative cushion as the larger part of Australia`s advantages are designated in foreign monetary standards, whereas its outer liabilities are named in the nearby cash.

It has been observed that actually, Australia`s outside weakness is moderately high given its overwhelming reliance on foreign subsidising and its position as a worldwide item player. In addition, while its official store`s assets have kept on fortifying as of late, adding up to AUD 67.3 billion in 2015 (2014: AUD 65.6 billion), its fleeting outside obligation scope remained generally low, remaining at just 14.4 percent, down from 16.6 percent in the former year. In any case, the nation comfort from the late pattern of rising outer assets which would likely proceed over the medium term and settle its general obligation position. What`s more, it would empower the nation to construct adequate supports against further weakening in the worldwide economy (Ahmed & Liu, 2016). Besides, the greater part of foreign assets of Australia is named in foreign monetary forms, while its outer obligation is designated in neighbourhood cash. Likewise, in such manner, a free coasting swapping scale administration goes about as a critical cushion as a more grounded AUD would build its general resource position, while deterioration in the conversion scale will to some degree bring down the general obligation profile. In the meantime, the decrease in fleeting outer obligation over the previous decade forecasts well for more prominent obligation administration, especially for the private segment (Cenedese & Sarno, 2014). So also, overall, with worldwide loan costs to stay low and additionally the RBA to keep up an exceptionally accommodative money related position in the close term, the outside uneven characters of Australia are required to contract step by step and encourage the economy`s work day to non-asset based development.


It can be concluded that in global markets there are additional threats to transport; nevertheless at the similar period; there are additional prospective improvements organisations can obtain. It can be said that before multinational organisations choose to capitalise in a certain country’s market, they must safeguard and comprehend the currency exchange rate as well as political threats related to the investment by performing due assiduousness on the nation’s economic, political as well as cultural situation. Before putting resources into a foreign nation, financial specialists ought to evaluate the likelihood of the contributing nation`s political hazard (the strength of governmental issues and state of mind towards foreign speculation) or gauge the foreign nation`s current financial condition and future advancement by means of foreign nation`s GDP, unemployment rate, obtaining control, and expansion. Utilising this data, speculators can at that point foresee how much misfortune the political or financial hazard may bring. After the evaluation, if the contributing nation fulfils the contributing condition, the financial specialist ought to arrange the speculation environment and draft a speculation understanding. After all the pre-speculation work, the financial specialist likewise can search for speculation protection to bring down the hazard.

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