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[Solved]Assignment Task: 1000 words on Targeting and Positioning

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[Solved]Assignment Task: 1000 words on Targeting and Positioning

Assignment Task: 1000 words on Targeting and Positioning

1.      Segmentation

For your assignment choose ONE segment.

Chosen Segment:

  • Plastic and cosmetic surgery patients in Europe.
  1. Targeting:
  • Justify why it is the best segment for Anderson.
  • Then create a profile of your chosen segment. 

E.g. age, social class, income, ethnicity, gender, geodemographic (where they live), their interests, what is their lifestyle, why they buy Andersen`s services (for example, because the services benefit them in a specific way, or improves their status, or because they are loyal to the company, or they only buy services on special occasions, etc...), how frequently they buy Andersen`s services, what is their attitude towards the service.

  1. Positioning:

Positioning is the act of designing the company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market. 

Stage 1. Analyse competition - how Anderson position themselves, what they offer

Stage 2. Define your competitive advantages (what are you offering that is better/different from competition? E.g. services of better quality, safer, more exclusive. You can differentiate your product offering on many various points: product features, performance, durability, reliability, style, design, ordering ease, delivery, installation, customer training, customer consulting, maintenance, etc...)

Stage 3. Create an effective marketing mix (highlight the benefits of your Product, explain you Promotional strategy, Price and Place (distribution)). All 4Ps should have your target segment in mind (base your decision on the segment profile which you`ve created earlier).

Stage 4.  Apply your targeting strategy and evaluate customer response.


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[Solved]Assignment Task: 1000 words on Targeting and Positioning [Solved]Assignment Task: 1000 words on Targeting and Positioning
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