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[Solved] Aspirin testing

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[Solved] Aspirin testing

Aspirin testing

format as following : Title: Purpose: Experimental: Experimental set-up and/or reaction(s) Results: Summary of results, tabulated or graphed data, etc.. Discussion: Discussion of the results, particularly if they were not what was expected, their validity and accuracy, sources of experimental error, etc.. Conclusion: Significant conclusions based on your results. please see the attachment and my results are writing in RED COLOR
Title: Aspirin Tests Purpose: The purpose of this experiment was todetremine if the sample of aspirin contained phenol, starch, acid, and an ester Experimental: The experimental process involved determining the presence of these substances in the sample of aspirin provided. The experiment began with the weighing of the sample of aspirin provided. It was followed by testing the presence of phenol, which was followed by the test of the presence of starch. This was followed by the test of acid in the aspirin sample. The final test was the presence of an ester in the acid.eactions was recorded and observations noted. The results were recorded in tabular form. The results were explained and conclusion drawn. Experimental set-up and/or reaction(s) Experiment 1. Procedure: -Recrystallized aspirin was weighed to determine the percentage yield. The weight was found to be 1.224g Experiment 2. A few crystals of salicylic acid were added to the first three test tubes and the color was observed to be dark purple. A few crystals of salicylic acid w...

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[Solved] Aspirin testing [Solved] Aspirin testing
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