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[Solved] Article summary - The Looking Glass Self

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[Solved] Article summary - The Looking Glass Self

Article summary - The Looking Glass Self

hi there! this is the same assignment as the las 2 you did for me i will upload the files you will need!! thank you so much!
The Looking Glass Self Name: Institution: Introduction Previous study has shown that the autism condition that leads to impaired linguistic and cognitive abilities of the patients is highly related to engagement at the inter-subjective levels when the patients are in their infancy stage. The study is the scholarly work of one researcher Hobson. The current study tests the hypothesis by Hobson, where it examines the level of self awareness, this time on the Asperger`s Syndrome (AS) patients. Ideally for us to reflect on ourselves, we partially rely on how the people around as think of us. It for this reason that the idea of personal reflection leans on the ‘looking glass self` theory. It is through this reflection that people form and develop their identity, with the help of how their social networks. Self understanding can be divided from the perspectives of self-as-objects and the self-as-subject (Jackson, Skirrow & Hare, 2011). The object ‘me` view ties to the person`s physical and social attributes, while the subject ‘I` view ties to the self experimental attributes such as experiences, continuity and reflection of self. As such, the ‘I` is the subjective part of any person, responsible for the way they interpret the experiences they have in their lives and the kind of development that they derive from these instances. The ‘me` on the other hand is the objective part that is responsible for the person calls theirs, such as their social, material and spiritual characteristics. The research therefore will try to determine where the AS patients draw the line between the two aspects of self reflectio...

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[Solved] Article summary - The Looking Glass Self [Solved] Article summary - The Looking Glass Self
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