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[Solved] Article summary - conformity - mob psychology

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[Solved] Article summary - conformity - mob psychology

Article summary - conformity - mob psychology

Hi there this is the same assignment as the last one you did with a different article I will upload the same files i did last time and the new article! thank you so much do it the same way you did the last one please Regards
The title of the article Name: Institution: Date: Abstract This study is on how the participants in a crowd behave: whether they do what the crowd does or it is from their own behavior. The article for the study was carefully chosen to conform to the topic of conformity of a mob. Introduction A study by Louise Pendry and Rachael Carrick looks into why participants in a group seem to be influenced by priming them with categories associated with conformity or anarchic behaviors. In the study, the participants were primed with two categories: accountant prime and ‘punk` prime with baseline of no prime, where they took part in a variant of Asch (1951) conformity program. Results show that prime participants conformed more significantly than accountant prime and was also observed that ‘punk` primed group participants` performance was close to ‘solo` condition. Indication is that, conformity pressures never affected estimates for ‘punk`-primed participants. Method Two methods were used for the research in the article: ‘accountant` prime` and ‘punk prime` and a baseline ‘no prime`. Forty-eight both male and female undergraduate between eighteen and twenty-one years were participated on a voluntary basis using a single factor of experimental condition: accountant prime and ‘pun...

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[Solved] Article summary - conformity - mob psychology [Solved] Article summary - conformity - mob psychology
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