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[Solved] Argue for the conditional admission

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[Solved] Argue for the conditional admission

Argue for the conditional admission

Background: I am an internatinal student from China but I have been to US for around three and half years. I got my bachelor degree from State Univerisity of New York at Buffalo and I just spent three years finishing my univeristity work. As an international student, it is not easy to take care the study and school life at the same time. But I did. I joined a business fraterinity and I also has a part-time job. I also did the volunteer work for the American Red Cross for around one semester. Everything went well before I graduated. Before graduation, I was planning to work first and then decide whether to continue my higer level study or not. However, my parents, ok, like most of the chinese parents, they hoped their children can get a master degree first and then start their work. Parents always want their children can live in a smooth and steady environment. At that time, only the different future plans full filled in my mind. So I told my parents that I would stay in the US and apply for the graduate school and also keep looking for jobs. And then, I started my own business. I found a sales representative position in Avon and started my internation luxury products trade. At the same time, my parents asked me to choose a school and give them an answer. In my college, I was studying the financial analysis, which was boring and unimaginative. Then I was thinking about my past and recent experience, I believed that the service and tourism industry was my favourite. And then I found the hotel management major which was fun and challenging. After that I found UNLV, the best school for hotel management. Then I started my applicaiton for MS in Hotel Administration and almost finished it. I only left my GMAT score in the applicaiton form. However, from July 2012 to December 2012, I was so busy with the luxury products trade and business. I was too focus on keeping in touch with my clients and also updating the new fashion products and new popular stuffs. I managed around 15 fashion buyers in Europe and also an accountant in China. I needed to adjust their schedule everyday and trained new fashion buyers as well. Therefore, I totally could not handle the review time on GMAT. And I missed the spring admission of UNLV. However, I found that I could get some experience first in UNLV when I reserched its website. So I applied for the non-degree program of MS in hotel administration. Now I am still studying it and really like it. Here comes to my problems and requiremnts. I wanna keep studying in UNLV and get the admission offer. But I still do not have a GMAT scoure yet. And the admission deadline for international student is May 1. So can you guys please help me to write a different admission essay can explain my situation and told them my story in a very approriate way. My friend just told me that UNLV has a conditional admission for some students who do not has a GMAT or GRE score. But I am not sure if they admit it publicly. I need the essay in a negociated way or anyway you think is the best to make the admission office admit my admission. I can promise that I will get a good GMAT score in 2013. But I do not want to miss the admission again. Base on my past grades and experience, I am confidence that I can get a good score on GMAT. Aslo, I belived that I can get two A grade this semester in UNLV. I can handle the school work and I can prove myself that I have no problem on studying the master courses. OK. Thank you very much for reading so much words on my past experience. I just want to help you write a good and different admission essay. If you have any questions or need anything, I can email you back soon. I think you may need my resume and last admission essay. :) Thank you again.
Typical of any foreign student in America, I had great conviction on landing in this great nation more than three years ago, that anyone can make it in America. I had great hope anchored on that American dream that this great nation had a place for me to be the best that I could be, and I am grateful to confirm that my experience here thus far constantly reminds me that that the American true nature and characterful grandeur is in promising the common man, that he stands a better chance to make it here that any other common man would anywhere in the world.And so I set off for a long journey of knowledge and enrolled at the University of New York at Buffalo for my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Upon completing which took me only three years, a great feat for a foreign student, I was faced with two conflicting persuasions one from within and the other from my wonderful parents back home in China. While I wanted to have a go at working first and then pursue my higher education, my parents, with tremendous concern wanted me to immediately enroll for the masters first and then I could get a job later.At that time my mind was clouded on the best option to take and not wanting to disappoint my parents, I felt compelled to pursue further studies, however the recurrent voiced from within saw m...

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[Solved] Argue for the conditional admission [Solved] Argue for the conditional admission
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