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Applied Management decision-making

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Applied Management decision-making

I need a presentation 5-8 slides with speaker notes that addresses the following: List at least 3 qualitative attributes of the snack food about which they might want to ask consumers. Make sure at least 1 of them is normal. For each attribute that is ordinal, assign names for the end points of a 5 point rating scale. Explain the difference between normal and ordinal data. Explain the difference and ordinal data relate to a rating scale. List at least 2 quantitative attributes of snack food that the scientists might want to measure. Explain the difference between interval and ratio data. Include in your presentation the difference between a population and a sample. Note why it is important to avoid bias when conducting research ( see not below) Note; give 2 examples of possible populations for this test.

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Applied Management decision-making Applied Management decision-making
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