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THIS IS FOR K-3 AND I NEED THIS TO BE COMPLETED ON EARLY SUNDAY 9/23/12. PLEASE DOUBLE SPACED. 1). Develop an annotated bibliography of appropriate books for young children that deal with anti-bias topics and issues. A minimum of 20 books is required. Focus your list on K-3. 2). Include in the annotated bibliography: a). Title and author. b). Publisher. c). ISBN # d). A brief description of the book including the topic covered and why it is appropriate and useful for teaching your selected age group. Each description should be 25-50 words. 3). Books should be organized by topic and can be presented as a list
Anti-Bias Book List Name Institution Affiliation Course Date of submission Abby,  HYPERLINK "http://www.adl.org/bibliography/book_artist.asp?Artistdetail=823" Jeannette Franklin Caines, HarperCollins Children`s Books 0064430499 This is about a young girl who is adopted and asks questions about her mother and brothers by looking her baby photos. Abuela, Arthur Dorros, Scott Foresman (Pearson K-12) 0140562257 Looks on a celebration of a relationship between grandmother and grand daughter Abuela`s weave, Omar S. Castaneda, Lee & Low Books, Inc. 1880000202 The book shows a relationship between a young girl and her grandmother who weave cloth and tapestries to sell them during fiesta. The Added Touch, Robyn Watson, Silver Star Publications 0967652901 The book shows how a young child with Attention deficit disorder struggles in school explaining ADD children. Adoption is for Always, Judith Friedman, Albert Whitman & Company 0807501875 This shows how an adopted girl is helped by her new parents to underst...

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