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Analytical Research on Current Issue

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Analytical Research on Current Issue

Analytical Research on Current Issue

Directions: This will be a research project with the goal to test your critical thinking. • The paper must be a minimum of five (5) and no more than ten (10) pages in length. • The paper must be in APA or ASA style these guidelines should be available through an online source. • Choose a current topic or issue from the list below (New York Times, Newsweek, or a journal article). • You MUST use at least three (3) reputable sources (i.e. books, peer reviewed journals) and articles MUST be submitted with the assignment. You can use more sources and the text book does not count but you do need to cite and reference it if it used. • You must include a bibliography or reference page. Choose from one of the following topics: immigration; prostitution – legal or illegal; crime – less stringent law and rehabilitation, death penalty, or crime theater; racism – role in education or other institutions; poverty – causes or views about aid; cyber bullying, cyber stalking or online dating; micro-financing; inoculations – comparative analysis of the US versus similarly developed nations; terrorism – religious ties or as a rebellion against dominant nations; female infanticide/feticide; or female genital mutilation – a rite of passage in culture or subjugation. Written Outline Structure o Introduce your topic – using your topic as a guide. This is your literature review. You are going to be thorough and give details about the articles. Answer who, what, when, where and why. o Discuss the event – this would be the news story that you found. In most major news papers there is an archive search that can be used to search for your topic (genital mutilation). Use recent news stories within the last three years. Why? Because anything older the data has probably changed. o Analyze the issue through a single sociological perspective (i.e. conflict theory, functionalism, symbolic interactionism or feminist theory). In your analysis you need to use sociological terms. For example, when discussing genital mutilation it is important to understand and use culture, rites of passage, and ethnocentrism. Remember this is a sociological paper and you should be adept at using the terms. o Finish up by indicating the possibilities for future research and possible implications from this research. Hint: the authors usually discuss these issues at the end of their article. Then close with a strong conclusion that provides a summation of the major points of your analysis.
Running Head: ANALYTICAL RESEARCH ON CURRENT ISSUES Analytical Research on Current IssuesStudent`s Name:Institution:Course Details:Instructor`s Name:Date:Analytical Research on Current IssuesIntroductionPoverty is a major issue in our world today where people cannot afford the basic necessities required to survive. People in poverty are often exposed to crowded working and living conditions. As a result they are exposed to contagious and infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria and HIV/AIDS. Poverty strikes through various issues. Does the world wide community look at the most important of these issues like food, shelter and medicine? This paper explores causes of poverty, how different organizations are making efforts to deal with situations and ways forward in eradicating poverty.Poverty can be caused by a number of reasons though not pinpoint what actually causes poverty. You could be born into it; thus, making it hard to pay school fees. Without any education certificates, you can`t get a job or invest in anything, which makes it hard for one to cater for a family. When people languish in poverty, and their population keeps increasing, jobs become scarce; hence difficult to find. Each person will be looking after the same small jobs around. The youth often secure most jobs; thus, leaving most of the older people to go without any earnings thus lack of basic needs (Dieterlen, p.165).Exploitation of resources, such as land that is supposed to be used for cultivation and subsistence farming is taken away from these people, which is meant to support their livelihoods. Social injustice has crippled the county`s economy. The mismanagement of financial assets that have not materialized and millions of dollars that have been wasted encouraging high rates of corruption in most countries. This has resulted greatly in high levels of poverty and pull out of donors who don`t get receive good feedbacks on how the funds were used in our countries (Blake, 2010). High levels of inequality will affect social cohesion and lead to problems such as increasing crime and violence. Lack of gender equity has seen women failing to receive same opportunities as men. Banks are giving loans to men though they admit that women who are given these loans, repay their subsidies in time and their contribution in business is 80% beneficial than men`s. Equal opportunities and with no discrimination, can give a hand in alleviating poverty in the long run (Dieterlen, p.160).Globalization and sustained war on poverty has been waged. Significant resources nationally and internationally have been mobilized for the elimination of poverty. Most international funding agencies have taken this as a high priority activity. Many organizations in the world t...

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Analytical Research on Current Issue Analytical Research on Current Issue
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