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[Solved]Analytic Epidemiological Literature Review of HAT

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[Solved]Analytic Epidemiological Literature Review of HAT

Analytic Epidemiological Literature Review of HAT


Analytic Epidemiological Literature Review of HATTOPIC is : Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)Review the current analytical epidemiological data and literature on HAT.1) Summarize current hypotheses that have been proposed to explainthe observed distribution AND associated factors / determinants ofyour GHP disease. In other words, analytic epidemiology analyzesthe “why” and “how” of a disease and disease process.You are to summarize why the distribution and the associatedfactors/determinants of the disease exist the way that they doand why they are major issues with respect to your GHP.2) List the principal gaps in knowledgeabout the distribution and determinants of the health problem.3) Review and summarize pertinent evidence-based,epidemiological research studies on appropriate determinantsof disease (case-control, cohort, randomized controlled trials,and other epidemiological studies).a) This review MUST contain at least TWO prospective cohort studiesor TWO retrospective cohort studies. The chosen studies MUSTcontain statements in the methods section that the study designis either an epidemiological prospective study design or an epidemiologicalretrospective study design.b) This review MUST contain and at least ONE case-control study.The chosen study MUST contain statements in the methodssection that the study design is an epidemiological case-control study.c) This review MUST contain at least ONE randomized controltrial and/or systematic review or meta-analysis.4) Review and summarize evidence –based literature oneffective screening, diagnosis, treatment, surveillance andprevention with respect to your GHP disease IN The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).5) Suggest areas for further research (hypothesis testing/analytical epidemiology research studies).6) Critically appraise the data as a whole; What is the current state of the evidence/study data?7) Formatting: Assignment MUST include a title page,a table of contents and in-text subheadings for each requirednumerical (listed above) assignment component.


Analytic Epidemiological Literature Review of HAT

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Analytic Epidemiological Literature Review of HAT

The analytical epidemiological literature examines the incidence and distribution of HAT in the democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), in particular, addressing the causes of the HAT and the level of prevalence of the diseases in DRC. The bottom line is ascertain why the HAT pandemic is a major issue with respect to your GHP.

HAT has been reported to Africa and highly concentrated in central Africa, whereby DRC accounted to 70% of the infections in the continent. According to World Health Organizations (WHO), factors such such as extreme tropical conditions, poor health infrastructures, and under-reporting and poor prevention measures. For instance, considering the environmental settings, DRC settles in the green equatorial forests that is characterized by extreme tropical climates (Mumba, Bohorquez, Jane Messina, & Taylor, 2011). The nature of the setting provides ideal habitats of the HAT vectors as well as the human activities carried out in biotopes occupied by tsetse flies. In particular, equatorial climate leads to humid forests which harbours numerous tsetse flies, whereby humans expose themselves with the insects during their adventurous expedition and economic pursuits such as hunting, faming, fetching firewood, forest clearing as well as timber re...

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[Solved]Analytic Epidemiological Literature Review of HAT [Solved]Analytic Epidemiological Literature Review of HAT
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