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• An understanding of the principal research methods.

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• An understanding of the principal research methods.



This Module within the Context of the Programme


The purpose of this module is to introduce you to research methodology and methods. In the course of the module you will develop an appreciation of what is entailed in conducting research in a professional field. The module content will follow the stages of research, starting with the research problem/question through to the presentation of findings. This module provides students with an introductory grounding in research methods. This module is also intended to prepare students who will progress to masters or doctoral level to begin to think about the academic research process and the task of developing and conducting a research study.


Specific Aims


The specific aims of this module in the MSc programme are to help you to:


  • Develop a critical understanding of research paradigms and approaches in education and social research.


  • Develop an understanding of qualitative and quantitative research approaches.


  • Consider the range of research methods and techniques that are available.


  • Consider what is involved in designing a research study.


  • Develop an understanding of ethical issues in research.


  • Understand the processes of data analysis, the interpretation and presentation of data.


  • Consider how to write-up research findings.



Intended Learning Outcomes


  • An understanding of the principal research methods.


  • An ability to seek out and use appropriately relevant resources.


  • The ability to review a diverse range of methods and understand the strengths and weaknesses in different approaches.


  • An ability to understand how to follow ethical, academic and research protocols.


  • Analytical reflection on your learning and identification of any future learning needs. 

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•	An understanding of the principal research methods. • An understanding of the principal research methods.
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