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Amazon and Barnes &Noble

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Amazon and Barnes &Noble

Amazon and Barnes &Noble

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Name”Instructor`s NameCourse Number:DATE @ "d MMMM yyyy" 18 February 2013:An Objective Analysis on Amazon`s Competitive Advantage of Barnes and Noble1) Find the most recent (year 2012) data for each company and create a table as the above 2002 table.Below is a table showing both Amazon`s and Barnes & Noble`s state of affairs as per the year 2012. Amazon has for years maintained a competitive advantage over Barnes & Noble. Market value 113.63 billion 904.80 million Number of employees 88,000 30,000 Revenue 51.06 billion 7.129 billion Annual net income -39 million -68.687 million Source: Yahoo! Finance2) Using resource-based view of competitive advantage concept, list three types of resources that help Amazon to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. For each resource, briefly explain its values and why it is hard to imitate.Core competencies should be distinguished from other general competencies. These are the main strengths covering skills and capabilities that shall give a business an advantage in any business environment over its competitors. Since these competencies are tied to what experiences customers seek, it is very difficult for the co...

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Amazon and Barnes &Noble Amazon and Barnes &Noble
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