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Aircraft Noise Management

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Aircraft Noise Management

Aircraft Noise Management


I would recommend a format of :

- Introductory sentence.

- Graph/image/table

- Short bullett point notes explaining key point.

- Next Graph/image/table

- short bullet point notes..... etc.

Closing sentence for each section

This is an executive summary not an essay hence very limited words.

Do not forget when you think about stakeholders and how they can help solve the noise problem , there are internal stakeholders and external ones. How can local communities help solve noise problems ?

Finally you do NOT need to create new maps / images etc for yourself, you can download them - graphs, figures - from the web to illustrate your answer but remember to reference.

The disturbance caused aircraft noise is the single most significant local environmental impact associated with the operation of airports. Noise disturbance, leading to local community opposition, can act as a significant constraint upon the ability of an airport to grow. Noise restrictions affect almost 2/3rds of airports across Europe affecting their ability to contribute to socio-economic development. Many airports spend millions of pounds every year to mitigate the noise impacts of the industry, however airports do not own or operate the aircraft. Effective management of aircraft noise requires the engagement of all key aviation stakeholders including regulators, airport operators, airlines, air traffic management organisations, airport ground handling companies, local residents, air transport users.

For this assignment you are required to prepare an executive report for the Senior Management of an Airport that: 

1. Introduces the issue of aircraft noise disturbance and explains how aircraft noise can act as a constraint to current operations and future growth of the airport. (30%)

2. Summarises the principles and methods underlying the management of aircraft noise and the roles of different stakeholders in promoting the most ‘effective’ noise control programme. (30%)

3. Highlights potential conflicts between the priorities of different stakeholders and critically examines how these can be resolved to secure the solutions that maximise the potential for long term airport growth. (30%)

Being an executive report you will be expected to make full use of tables, maps and graphs. 10% of marks will be given for the quality and appropriate use of these. 

Remember your audience are senior managers of an airport company who need to achieve the correct balance between protecting the quality of life of local residents and ensuring airport growth in order to support regional development and own commercial interests. We will discuss this issue in class to achieve consensus about how such a balance might be achieved. 

Resources: academic journals, government reports, airport websites (environment plans). You should also refer to

Department For Transport Aviation Environmental Issues


HACAN Clear Skies 


Manchester Airport Noise Action Plan http://www.manchesterairport.co.uk/manweb.nsf/alldocs/8100FB8EF658808C80257364002D85FA/$File/NoisePlan.pdf 

Thomas, C.S., J.A. Maughan, P.D. Hooper and K.I. Hume (2010) Aircraft noise and community impacts, in Encyclopedia of Aerospace Engineering R. Blockley and W. Shyy (eds.) John Wiley and Sons Ltd., Chichester, UK pp 3599-3606.


Aircraft Noise Management Name Institution Course Date Aircraft Noise Management Aircraft noise is the most significant environmental problem within airports and is most likely the major issue affecting the operation as well as the development of airports globally (Gualandi & Mantecchini, 2009). Aircraft noise disturbance has been considered a major issue of concern among the members of communities living near airports. It has been link to noise-induced sleep disturbance which leads to health related effects such as stroke, coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease (CAA, 2014). Model of how aircraft noise affects communities;           There are various subjective reactions to aircraft noise by various people and from time to time. Once asleep, aircraft noise affects very few people who live near airports even at increased event levels (Fidell et al, 1995). At outdoor


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