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[Solved] Additional Ethical Hacking Questions: Security of Technologies

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[Solved] Additional Ethical Hacking Questions: Security of Technologies

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  1. What is a MAC address?
  2. What is footprinting or leaving a footprint?
  3. What is a brute force hack?
  4. What is a denial of service attack?
  5. What is SQL injection?
  6. What are some other attacks?
  7. What is network sniffing?
  8. What is a rogue DHCP server?
  9. What is one tool you use for ethical hacking?
  10. What is an IP address?

Ethical Hacking Sample Outline

The need to thwart attackers and their respective ways of intruding into the networks of an institution has been a primary concern in the todays world. Every organization is often looking out for ways in which it can be a step ahead to identify the hackers in time to allow them to respond prior to the damages that have occurred. Institutions such as Home Depot which have been attacked have identified areas the where much of the attacks occur, while giving responses in ways in which they could prevent such attacks in the future (Manion, 2015).

Description of the Software

In article 37 Powerful Penetration Testing Tools For Every Penetration Tester, among the best rated penetration kit is Metaspoilt Pro a product of the Rapid 7 Company and which focuses on various aspect of the network. Metaspoilt Pro is built with extensive audit wizards to aid in undertaking of tasks and review of the different components of the networks. The most basic of these are the quick pen test, phishing campaign and the web test. Each of these focuses on the different components to allow any organization user to apply the software. The second feature is the VPN pivoting which allows the scanning of the network to facilitate the creation of layer 2 encryption and find areas where attacks may emanate from. Other features possessed by the software are the web application scanning for scams and phishing, reporting through PCI DSS and FISMA to determine the vulnerable machines and the areas that were exploited. The most important aspect of metaspoilt is in its ability to be used across multiple interphases such as the computers, networks, servers all from various operating systems such as Microsoft windows, Linux and Apple (Kennedy, (2011).

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[Solved] Additional Ethical Hacking Questions: Security of Technologies [Solved] Additional Ethical Hacking Questions: Security of Technologies
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