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ADD or ADHD contribution in criminal behavior.

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ADD or ADHD contribution in criminal behavior.

ADD or ADHD contribution in criminal behavior.

1. Locate at least five articles from scholarly sources that discuss ADD or ADHD behaviors, and then write a paper as to why you do or do not believe this disorder contributes to criminal behavior. use the APUS library to find at least five, peer-reviewed articles that cover your chosen topic from the list above. Again, you are required to use scholarly, peer-reviewed journals, in-text citations, and provide a reference page for this paper. Note that references used for your research need to be peer-reviewed/scholarly journals. These journals typically have the following characteristics: 1. Articles are reviewed by a panel of experts before they are accepted for publication 2. Articles are written by a scholar or specialist in the field 3. Articles report on original research or experimentation 4. Are often published by professional associations 5. Utilize terminology associated with the discipline i will uploads some of the sources i found.
ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDERNameCourse NameTutorDate of submissionAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and its Contribution in Criminal Behavior.Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a mental condition whose characteristics include; developmentally unsuitable disruptive degree of attention, impulsivity and motor hyperactivity. Children diagnosed of the disorder in the United States are notably less popular, perform poorly academically and have high dropout rates than counterparts. Currently it is the commonest childhood mental disorder and it affects 3 to 7% school going children in the United States mostly boys (Howard, 2002). Based on the criteria used by the American researchers and medical practitioner the rates are on the rise in other countries. The most vulnerable group likely to be affected is the African American children.It is not clear whether ADHD manifests in different populations and various socio-ecological environments. Others doubt its existence as a disorder, they believe it to be culture specific or originating from a certain culture it implies there for those children`s ADHD manifests as pathological reflects cultural concerns which are core specific and self discipline.The behaviors were similar across the studied population including a constant gender difference. Multiple deteriorations showed extremely consistent relationship of hyperactivity and inattention to harmful dysfunction across the population and gender. Enhanced in inattention was related with increase in detrimental dysfunction. Increase in hyperactivity was associated with improved functioning to a uniform threshold beyond which more agitation was associated with greater harmful dysfunction. Given that each parental psychopathology and parenting behavior are known as vital environmental risk or protecting factors in organic process outcomes for youngsters with hyperkinetic syndrome, behavioral parenting interventions may be significantly vital for mothers with hyperkinetic syndrome.This model would predict that behavior related to ADHD and tagged as deviant or pathological within United States of America could also be taken merely as traditional childhood behavior in alternative countries and cultural contexts. Variable rates of diagnosing among countries and ethnic teams in the US could merely represent cultural variations in parents, teacher, and clinicians` expectations, perceptions, and labeling of inattentive and active kid behavior. Also, in various contexts, displaying constant active and inattentive behaviors would be foretold to be related to completely different degrees of harmful dysfunction. That is, the behaviors thought of symptomatic ADHD ought to lead to relatively additional negative consequences for youngsters in some settings, like the US. Empirical tests of such propositions square measure absent (Anonymous, 2002). Such tests of theories of ADHD as a culturally developed development have sensible significance for...

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ADD or ADHD contribution in criminal behavior. ADD or ADHD contribution in criminal behavior.
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