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Adapting to a new country as an international student

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Adapting to a new country as an international student


This assignment is designed to encourage you to successfully deliver an oral presentation on a practical aspect related to the course content. Please refer to the course profile to see how this assessment item relates to the course learning outcomes.

These objectives will be measured by the ‘closeness of fit’ to meeting the requirements and the assessment criteria below.


Internal students

Internal students will be required to present a topic to their tutorial groups. Presentations will be marked in class.Students will be required to work in small groups of two to four people. A list of suggestedtopics is provided below or students may suggest theirown topics to the local lecturer who has the final say on the suitability of the topic.All groups and their selected topic must be approvedby the local lecturer by the end of week 3.


Please note that all group members will be given the same mark. Each presentation is to be a maximum of 10 minutes for the presentation and up to five minutes will be allocated after the presentation for other students to ask questions of the presenters. This time frame will be strictly enforced due to time constraints.


Innovative presentations will be welcomed though it is suggested that you discuss the format for the presentation with the local lecturer at least one week before you deliver your presentation.


Please note that the presentations must proceed on the allocated day. If astudent does not present on the allotted day they will receive 0/20 unless they have an approved extension (supported by evidence, for example, doctor’s certificate) or there is some other equally compelling reason for your absence.


Distance students

Distance students should contact the course coordinator by the end of week 3with their topic choice. The course coordinator will liaise with each student to determine a suitable presentation method and due date. For example, presentations could be conducted live via Skype or Viber or Blackboard Collaborate, or be recordedby the student and uploaded into Moodle. Students will have to do their presentation at a mutually suitable time between weeks 5 and 8 of term.

Distance students who upload a recording of their presentation should demonstrate the facilitation of discussion by making sure that the end of their presentation includes at least two questions that could be posed by the audience. Answers should be provided for these questions.


All students

The main aim of these oral presentations is to demonstrate your presentation skills. A secondary aim is to help your fellow students by presenting a topic relevant to being a student at CQUni.Most students enrolled in this course are in their first year of study hence, they have not yet worked out where to find information or how to do certain tasks that they will need to know as a student at CQUni. Suggested topics are:

  • Adapting to a new country as an international student
  • Seeking and applying for jobs
  • Managing time as a student
  • Stress management for students
  • Android vs iOS
  • Your own cultural background
  • Demonstrate how to submit an assignment in Moodle and access your grades.
  • Show the students how to find information on the CQUni website, for example how to find past exam papers or access the university handbook.Show the students how to use the Assignment Help in LibGuides
  • Show where CQUni policies are located on the university website and describe one or two policies that are relevant to students, for example on assessment.
  • Walk through the Academic Learning Centre Moodle website and show what features are available.

Students can present on any topic that will interest your colleagues. If you have a passionate interest in a topic that you think would interest your colleagues feel free to present on that topic. For example, internal students at Rockhampton have presented on topics as diverse as “Using Indian spices for cooking and medicine” and “What to do in an emergency”. For the latter topic the students had only just arrived in Rockhampton when a major flood emergency was declared.

Assessment criteria

The marking scheme and notes about the criteria are provided on the following pages.

Students need to familiarise themselves with the criteria to ensure that they have addressed them when preparing and presenting this assessment item.



  1. ALL students in each group need to upload a copy of their presentation and/or any handouts into Moodle by close of business (5:00 PM) on the day of their presentation. Failure to do so will result in a mark of 0/20 for EVERY member of the group.
  2. Though presentations will be marked during the class the results will NOT be released to the students until they have been moderated by the Course Coordinator.

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Adapting to a new country as an international student Adapting to a new country as an international student
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