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Access to Business Management - Economics Assignment

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Access to Business Management - Economics Assignment

Planning Your Answers Thinking about how to answer a question involves a little pre-planning, for example: Do you have more than one topic to cover in answering the question – if this is the case then you need to identify the issues. 1. Plan your answer to include an introduction – body – and conclusion 2. Your answer should be detailed and discursive – remember to apply the theories/concepts to your own examples to demonstrate your understanding. a) IDENTIFY THE ISSUES b) IDENTIFY THE RULES (The theories, the concepts) c) APPLY THE THEORIES/CONCEPTS TO YOUR EXAMPLES & GENERAL DISCUSSION d) CONCLUDE YOUR ANSWER

Task 1 - Case Study and Questions (AC: 1.1; 1.2; 1.3; 2.1; 2.2; 4.1; 4.2)

Imagine you are the owner of a business manufacturing and selling a particular type of table in the home furniture industry.

The average variable costs of producing each table are £180 while the fixed costs are £12,000


Product: Table

Price (£)                                 Quantity Demanded

100                                             770

140                                              680

180                                              610

220                                              550

260                                              500

300                                              460

340                                              400

380                                              320


Q1) Calculate total revenues at different prices.

Q2) Which price would yield the greatest revenue?

Q3) Draw the demand curve for the tables

Q4) Draw a supply curve for the tables on the same diagram as the demand curve you have drawn for Q3.

Q5) On the supply/demand diagram find the equilibrium price and equilibrium quantities sold/bought.

Q6) Would you make a loss or profit by selling the equilibrium quantity and charging the equilibrium price?

Q7) If quantity demanded of tables increases by 180 at all prices, draw the new demand curve and find the new equilibrium price and quantities. 

Also, identify and explain specific factors which might have caused an increase in the demand for tables.

Q8) Calculate your new sales and revenues at all prices and all corresponding higher new quantities demanded.

Q9) How much would your loss or profit be at the new equilibrium price?

Q10) Now, assume that the new equilibrium price you have worked out in Q7 above is the price you are going to charge in the following 6 months, that is,  January to June 2008. You have estimated your sales in these 6 months to be as follows

Jan.            Feb.             March            April              May           June

500             550               600                  600                 600             550

Using the data above and the data on costs of production given below, produce:

i)   a monthly sales revenue budget for the period stated above (i.e. Jan. to June 2008)

ii)  a monthly production budget for the period stated above (i.e. Jan. to June 2008) assuming average variable costs are £180 per table and fixed costs are £1000 per month

iii) a profit budget for the 6 month period stated above


Q11) Briefly discuss the factors which could lead to an increase in the supply of tables and evaluate the effect of an increase in supply on the equilibrium price of tables.


Task 2 – Essay Questions (AC:3.1, 3.2, 5.1, 5.2)

Q12) Explain how contractionary monetary through higher interest rates might affect your business.

Q13)  Evaluate the likely impact on your business of the following government budget measures:

i)                 increases in  income tax  and VAT :

ii)                cuts in government expenditure (e.g. funding) on schools and colleges


Q14) Suppose you work as an Economist advising the Chancellor of the Exchequer on fiscal policy. Suggest some appropriate measures the Chancellor of the Exchequer should include in the next budget to help businesses.

Q15) Suppose you have also started to successfully export your tables abroad.  Evaluate the effects on your business of higher unemployment in the UK and abroad.

Q16) Now, imagine that apart from exporting tables to the EU, you also buy a lot of raw materials used in the manufacture of tables (e.g. wood) from EU countries.  Discuss the effects on your business sales and costs of an increase in the value of the Pound against the Euro.

Q17) Collect and plot data on unemployment in the UK for the last 10 years and briefly explain the trend in the plotted data. Forecast the future rate of unemployment with reasons for your answer

               To achieve a Level 3 you must meet ALL the following criteria:

1.1 Describe and analyse forces of supply and demand on businesses.

1.2 1 Describe and analyse forces of supply and demand on businesses

1.3 Evaluate specific forces of supply and demand on businesses.

2.1 Explain  production and sales

2.2. Produce a production and sales analysis

3.1 Evaluate budget measures

3.2 Prepare Business budgets

4.1 Analyse a Business

4.2 Prepare analysis and forecasts

5.1 Explain Trends and developments

5.2 Describe external influences on Business

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