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About Luxembourg

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About Luxembourg

About Luxembourg

**Assess the state of democratic participation and legitimacy in your state.Does your state suffer from a“democratic deficit”? What recommendations would you make to revive democratic participation and performance?** Please use a couple websites this time instead of all books, Thank you! Both term papers for this class are research papers examining the issues addressed in each term in your selected country. The expected length is 8-12 pages typed double-spaced. Students will be required to use a variety of sources (online sources, articles from academic journals, reports from recognized international organizations, books, etc.) and to include footnotes or endnotes and a bibliography presented in a manner that conforms to an accepted academic style. If you are unsure of the proper citation technique, please use Charlton and Charlton as your guide. If you have further questions please discuss them with the Professor. Students must submit their essays to Turnitin.com before they will be marked and returned. Students are to keep an electronic and a hard copy of their assignments and essays in their files. Students must also keep a copy of their research notes and rough drafts which they can provide to the professor if requested.
Student Name:Course:Tutor:Date of Submission:IntroductionLuxembourg is a country in Western Europe bordered by Germany, France and Belgium, hence making it a landlocked country. Its official name is Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, making it the only Grand Duchy country remaining in the world today. Luxembourg had been a sovereign state ever since 19 April 1839, when the treaty of London was signed. Today, according to the World Bank Luxembourg is among the top three richest countries in the world. It has an advanced economy that registers one of the highest GDP (PPP) per capita in the world. Luxembourg is a trilingual country, and this is because it has three official languages, which include French, German and Luxembourgish language. Its people embrace a culture that encompasses both the German culture and the Latin culture. The country is situated in the Benelux hence its currency is the Euro. It is a member of the United Nations, Benelux, NATO, European Union and OECD.Luxembourg has a population of about 517,000 according to the census conducted in 2011. Despite the fact that it is a secular state, the country`s` population is still predominantly inclined to the Roman Catholic Church. They type of government system in Luxembourg is the constitutional monarchy encompassed in a representative democracy. Luxembourg is headed by a Grand Duke and a ruler whose title is the prime minister. The House of Nassau is the family through which the crown of being a duke is handed down.Democratic participation and legitimacy in LuxembourgDemocracy is a government system that encompasses all eligible citizens in the decision-making process of the state in which decisions are vital in shaping their lives. The citizens through the representation they elect. The idea behind this is to have an equal say in all government matters. A legitimate government democracy is important because it enables equality and freedom in the practice of political self-determination. Democratic legitimacy can only be established in a government once some components and principles of democracy are put into play. The elements include; presence of an elected government and leadership, freedom of speech, free elections, the existence of private institutions, availability of independent information sources and equal coverage of citizenship by its laws.Democratic legitimacy encompasses the acceptance of the authority and governing laws by the general population. Legitimacy is the system of government that is popularly accepted by the country`s citizens. Therefore, looking at Luxembourg, one can appreciate the presence of these principles of democracy that are essential in establishing democratic legitimacy in a government. This is because Luxembourg`s` constitution embraces freedom of speech, free and fair elections, independent information sources and private institutions, equality and availability of elected leadership. Luxembourg also embraces political consensus, which favors military, po...

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About Luxembourg About Luxembourg
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