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About Homelessness

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About Homelessness

About Homelessness

8 pages (2000-2200 words); double space; APA style format for citations and bibliographies; at least 3 academic sources; Topic: Homelessness is a permanent feature of cities around the world. What is homelessness? Why does it exist? And what can be done about it? The topic gives the basically gives the structure of the paper: 1. What is homelessness? (introductory definition; why homelessness concentrates within cities) 2. Why does it exist? (the main point of this paper must be related to the idea that issue with homelessness relates to political, economic and social factors such as revolution and war, economic crisis, globalization, crime situation, social services availability, etc.) 3. What can be done about it? (what methods can be indicated as successful/unsuccessful in coping with homelessness?) Most of the facts should be focused on homelessness in cities. Examples of homelessness and methods of coping with it should be chosen in relation to specific historical facts such as post-revolutionary period in Russia, the Great Depression in the USA, Second World War, black market of housing in post-Soviet Russia, consequences of globalization in modern Spain, Greece, illegal labor migration in North America, the absence of effective social institution in the countries of Third World etc. Variability of the facts helps in approaching the issue of homelessness from different angles and forming critical outlook on successful and unsuccessful methods of coping with homelessness. It is probably necessary to indicate examples of homelessness taken from biographies of certain famous people.
HOMELESSNESSNameInstitution affiliationCourseDate off Submission Introduction and DefinitionThe experiences of homelessness are gathered in this report from a wide range in shedding light on ways to combat it. There is increased number of homelessness in both developed and developing countries which can be attributed to low income or poverty. The general trend toward reduction of social welfare is a factor which has increased the risk of homelessness. Increased commercialization in the housing industry has also contributed to low income earners to increasingly depend on existing housing benefits. The UN has recognized adequate housing as a human right, and therefore, the agency has embarked on developing strategies that are aimed at combating, reducing and eradication of homelessness. There is no clear legal definition of homeless since the definition differ from one country to another, homelessness can be defined as a condition of detachment from the society that is characterized by lack of associative bonds that link people to social structures. The implication of homelessness is belonging nowhere rather than lacking somewhere to sleep. Therefore, homelessness embraces the risk and causality whose interpretation involves overcrowding, substandard accommodation, involuntary sharing of shelter, and subjection to high level of noise pollution and infestation.Causes of HomelessnessHomelessness with respect to developed countries is said to include living in accommodations which do not meet the set standards and those with no accommodations. Hence homelessness in these countries is classified into those deserving or undeserving. In developing countries on the other hand, homelessness is seen as having no land or shelter and in other instances living in sub-standard housing. Homelessness can be described as not having an acceptable level of housing provision below what is regarded as adequate. The available national statistics indicates that the developed countries hav...

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About Homelessness About Homelessness
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