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Aboriginal Issues in Canada - Land claims and treaty rights in Canada

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Aboriginal Issues in Canada - Land claims and treaty rights in Canada

Aboriginal Issues in Canada - Land claims and treaty rights in Canada

1. A thesis: Write a 200-word paragraph stating the significance of your topic, some necessary background, issues at stake, etc. Then, state what is it exactly that you are going to argue. You could write one or two questions that you are going to answer via your essay. Since your argument is a work in progress, your argument and your focus could change to a small degree by the time you complete your research paper must be related to Canadian. No other country. 2 .An annotated bibliography: “An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to books, articles, and documents. Each citation is followed by a brief (usually 100-150 words) descriptive and evaluative paragraph, the annotation. The purpose of the annotation is to inform the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited” (www.dictionary.com). • Research is not just about hunting for sources, but is also about reading them with your particular question/problem in mind. • Make brief notes on each book, periodical, journal and film that you use. • Be sure to record the author`s name, title of the text, title of the article if applicable, volume and issue numbers if applicable, date and place of publication, publishing company, and page numbers if it is an article. • If you are using an internet source, you must be sure that the source is credible. You must not only record the internet address, but also the date which you accessed the site. See handout on internet sources. • For each source you use, write a short evaluative summary (one paragraph). It should answer the following questions: What is the source about? Who was it written for? How is it organized? How useful is it? How do you evaluate the quality of thought, the evidence offered and the organization? • Place the bibliography in alphabetical order according to the surname of the authors. If one of your sources does not appear to have an author, alphabetize by using the first word in the title. • See the following as an example: Google Leslie University Annotated Bibliography APA 3. Write a summary 150 word of each of sources that you use it scholarly sources, one of which should be a book in paper, E-book is not acceptable 4. write a 1200-word essay, so choose only one or two issues to discuss in depth, not a range of issues or a broad one. It could be a question or two that you are going to answer in your research paper. 4.Requirement: Include at least three annotations of research materials you will be using in your essay (three scholarly sources, one of which should be a book in paper, E-book is not acceptable
ABORIGINAL ISSUES IN CANADANameInstitution AffiliationCourseDate of SubmissionAboriginal Issues in Canada1.0 IntroductionThe Aboriginal Canadians have for a long time been fighting for land issues. The European settlement in Canada had severe impacts on the original dwellers. The white settlers in Canada are the ones who led to negative changes in the lives of many people. The discussion will dwell on the land history issues to date and the variety of treaties that were laid forth during the acquiring of the land and the continuity of events after the aboriginal land was taken (Dickason & Long, 2011). The paper will give account of history and what the Canadian government has done to improve and control the situation. It will answer the question, what is the history of Aboriginal Land issues to date? The research will dwell on the hypothesis that the treaties are what led to the Aboriginal land issue complication. The history of the land can be traced to when it was a burial site and later surrendered with unknown circumstances. The land was given to the government that made it a training ground for the army. This was after the people requested for a certain park near the lake that was then sold to the government. The people usually were given a cheque once they claimed for the land as it was on rare circumstances that the people got the land back. Despite laying claims that the land was a former burial site among other claims, they did not get the land back. The individuals were confined to the reserves after the land was taken away (Aboriginal Affairs and the Northern Development Canada, 2011).The discussion will start with the treaties that were entered to during the process of taking the land away and also in the reserves. The treaties were meant to be adhered to by the land owners. The treaties will assist the determination of the process of determining the various agreements that were laid forth when the land was being taken away. According to the report by the Aboriginal justice implementation committee (1999), there were the Manitoba treaties which were narrowed federal government`s version of treaties (Dupuis, et al. 2002). The following is the summary of treaties:1.1 Sovereignty and AllegianceThese were peace and goodwill treaties that were signed between the Indians and the queen. The treaties did not however mean express transfer of powers from Indians; the treaties were referring to all the Indians. The federal government had the recognition of transfer sovereignty and allegiance. The treaties were negotiated via chiefs hence recognizing the political order.1.2 Surrender of landThis was meant to open up the land to accommodate settlement. The treaties meant that the Indians had surrendered their land to the crown and this was forever.1.3 Reserves.These were under the Prairie treaties that promised that there will be a one square mile reserve settlement per a family of five persons. There were other treaties which confirmed exception...

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Aboriginal Issues in Canada - Land claims and treaty rights in Canada Aboriginal Issues in Canada - Land claims and treaty rights in Canada
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