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[Solved] A Weighty Matter: Marketing of Unhealthy Foods and Drinks to Children

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[Solved] A Weighty Matter: Marketing of Unhealthy Foods and Drinks to Children

A Weighty Matter: Marketing of Unhealthy Foods and Drinks to Children

The essay would be required to include one self-interviewer. I said that I will interview an economy teacher in SUN YAT-SEN University in Guangzhou, China. Her name is Hui Qing Lu. Also it is required to include 10 sources. My topic is the marketing of unhealthy food and drinks to children. My thesis is people buy foods of the effect of the marketing of unhealthy food instead of the taste of the food. There are many different ways the companies do to sell their food.They may use advertisements, actors, and the gifts such as toys to attract the families with children to buy their products. You can rewrite my thesis. The paper should be revised based on revision 6th with the following instructions, the revision should be major: There are a lots have to be done for revision: 1. Introduction The introduction is too long, and too many repeated ideas. it should cut off some ideas. 2. Thesis The thesis is unclear. The thesis should give the preview of the paper (what you will talk about in the paper). Also, it should be at the end of the introduction. 3. The organization of paper. Since the paper talks about the problems of unhealthy food, and the solution. Each solution should comes up with each problems. Therefore, we should give one problem, and next paragraph should talk about the solution of the problems. 4. Conclusion Too long for conclusion. Moreover, there should give a summary of the paper. 5. Citation I need 10 sources for the papr. But some sources on that citation part did not use in the paper. Also, highlight the quotes in the paper, write like "According to...", or give a short description of the writer. 6. Pages It has to be a 9 full pages paper. 7. Grammar Too many grammar mistakes.
(Author`s Name)(Instructor`s Name)(Course)(Date)A Weighty Matter: Marketing of Unhealthy Foods and Drinks to ChildrenUnhealthy food, popularly known as junk food, is the type of food whose importance to the body is marginal as it adds very few nutrients to the body. The greater percentage of most unhealthy foods contains calories, sugar, salt, and fat in alarmingly high quantities. Unhealthy foods also contain additives and preservatives, which are made from chemical substances whose cumulative effect in the body is detrimental. In such foods, essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals are usually in negligible quantities. The physical effect of unhealthy or junk foods is obesity and numerous related complications (Lundborg 2). However, despite the fact that these kinds of food are regarded as unhealthy, many people still go for them. Interestingly, marketing of these foods has influenced people`s purchasing behavior, which is not wholly influenced by the taste of the foods as is expected (Peeters et. al. 3). Companies producing unhealthy food conduct intensive marketing to attract families with children through advertisements, actors, celebrity figures, and gifts (such as toys) to buy their products. Based on this hypothesis, this paper will cover an interview with Dr. Hui Qing Lu, an economy teacher at the Sun Yat-Sen University located in Guangzhou, China. According to the interviewee, Dr. Lu, the food industry spends billions of dollars annually in marketing of their products to children and teenagers. This has become a major concern in the U.S. and all over the world as well, because most of these foods are unhealthy. Food marketing, by description, is the process used by food companies to persuade consumption of their products. Food marketing mainly involves marketing of unhealthy food to the main target market – children. Some of the common unhealthy foods come in the form of snacks, which most people buy for convenience and immediate satisfaction. Snacks mostly include chewing gums, candy, fast foods, sugary breakfast cereals, sweet desserts, salty snacks, baked foods, and carbonated soft drinks, though they are not totally limited to these. Fast foods fall under different classifications depending on nutritional value, but most of them are usually unhealthy. These include pizza, hamburgers, hotdogs, French fries, burritos, tacos, and meat pies, among many others.The statistics regarding unhealthy foods and children are appalling. The saddening part of it all is that the target market for unhealthy foods and beverages are children and teenagers, at a time when they should instead establish healthy eating habits. Junk foods, through the current aggressive and deceptive marketing to children, have become the greatest worldwide contributors to diabetes, hypertension, and stroke. In America, one out of every three children suffers obesity or is overweight, and this affects their health negatively over their lifetime (Molna...

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[Solved] A Weighty Matter: Marketing of Unhealthy Foods and Drinks to Children [Solved] A Weighty Matter: Marketing of Unhealthy Foods and Drinks to Children
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