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[Solved] A Response to Magazine Articles on Readership

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[Solved] A Response to Magazine Articles on Readership

A Response to Magazine Articles on Readership

To. Writer I have to respond two of my fellow students` papers. -The comments need not be long (100 words at least), you have something to say beyond, "I agree" or "I disagree." -I`m looking for quality of thought. Please be respectful and constructive and avoid personal comments about the writer. Feel free to comment on comments if you wish. When you make your comments, keep your focus on what is being said rather than the grammar mechanics. To. Writer (Robert Id # 33) I chose two article, please read these two stories and respond just like the example. Please Use easiest words and simple grammar structure. It is not a essay or thesis paper. It is just respond to someone`s story. So Please write down comment just like when you write some comment on newspaper or youtube.. etc.. I chose these two article below, Please write one respond for half pages, and the other #2 for half pages. The comments need not be long (100 words at least). I ordered just one pape which contains at least 275 words. - Please write simple grammar and be sure that I`m an international student from south korea and a woman - Please write a comment just like casual conversation (see those two example) Thank you so much. If you have any questions, please send me message. Here is the example: "Hi kim, It is amazing how conclusions about such a vast group of people can be derived. The US population, consisting of hundreds of millions of people and hundreds of zillions of likes, dislikes, economic statuses, family compositions, education, religions, political leanings, etc. all seem to culminate with an individualʻs magazine purchase. It is really pretty amazing, that as you have also pointed out, "..the American public is becoming more interested in their health and fitness", that such a specific fact can be gleaned from that large amount of information. I especially liked this comment that you added which is a whole lot wisdom, "And although they may be doing nothing about it physically, they`re reading about it and purchasing magazines like Women`s Health, Prevention, and Men." LOL...truth...be...told." These are 2 articles that I chose to response: 1. "Magazines are becoming more technologically orientated. Ever since the introduction of the Internet, magazines that were solely based upon paper and ink and sold on newsstands and shops became something along the lines of obsolete. Magazines can now be seen on any medium as long as you have a special device like a laptop, phone or an ipad. The American public has become less interested in finding out information and stories from everyday magazines and has instead turned to other means of information gathering. With this technologically advanced age, using the Internet, or research premieres and journals offered by engines such as Ebsco Host are more efficient in gaining information or reading about an event. I know that most people interested in a Hollywood star would rather read about them quickly off the Internet than wait to read the actual story from a magazine. The U.S. population is getting older. According to magazine sales, the American public is getting on in age. Those magazines that were popular in the past like Time, The New York Journal and National Geographic are much less popular than they were before. It appears as if when the magazines became popular, during the 1950`s on through the 1970`s, that sales would continue to grow. But because this population of readers and subscribers has become older, their need for magazines has dwindled, and subsequently so have the magazine numbers. Magazines dedicated to a younger crowd, dealing with teenage beauty and fashion have become more popular. Even though modern man, woman, and teen have all become well versed in the pleasures of the internet, and all that it can do, having a magazine to hold seems to be more appealing, considering that sales are on the up. It can be concluded that magazines dealing in issues of health and fitness are seeing a steady rise. From this I gather that the American public is becoming more interested in their health and fitness. And although they may be doing nothing about it physically, they`re reading about it and purchasing magazines like Women`s Health, Prevention, and Men. " 2."Based on the “2010 Magazine Circulation Numbers” from magazine.org, it can be concluded that the technology and gaming industry in the United States is growing. In 2009, Game Informer Magazine was ranked at number ten on the “Top 100 ABC Magazines” list. However, in 2010, it took a huge jump from number ten to number five on the list. It made an almost 30% increase in subscriptions and magazines that were bought, while other magazines were losing customers and facing a negative change in total magazines purchased. Like I said before, most other magazines were decreasing in popularity. Though the places of the magazines on the “Top 100” chart stayed practically the same, give or take a few spaces, the readership percentage for almost all the magazines on the list went down from the year before. AARP the Magazine, though in the number one spot for both 2009 and 2010, had a negative 3% change in purchases. Reader`s Digest also had a negative change; -23.8% from 2009 to 2010. Another conclusion that can be pulled from this chart is that women`s and family magazines are very popular. Magazines like Better Homes & Gardens, Good Housekeeping, Woman`s Day, Family Circle, and Ladies` Home Journal take up half of the spots on the top ten. These magazines are catered to older women, mothers, and women who are interested in ideas to make their surroundings more appealing. These types of magazines would not appeal to teenage girls, and probably not even young adults. I also noticed that there are no celebrity, young adult or teen-driven magazines in the top ten. The magazines in the top ten are mostly read by older consumers, who are interested in more thoughtful reads than what a celebrity is up to at any given moment. The population is getting older, and that`s why the magazines that are purchased are geared toward older readers. Think of all the baby boomers – they would most likely not be interested in purchasing copies of Seventeen or Teen Vogue magazines. Another trend is that after the top ten magazines, there start to be leisure magazines that appeal to the younger crowd. People is an entertainment-based magazine, and Sport Illustrated, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, and AAA Via are all also leisure based. These magazines all cater to specific needs and crowds, and that`s why they`re so popular amongst the younger masses. Celebrities, sports, girls, fashion, and cars – all things popular with people who are too young to be reading AARP magazines."
Running Head: A Response to Magazine Articles on ReadershipA Response to Magazine Articles on ReadershipStudent`s Name:Institution:Course Details:Instructor`s Name:Date:Article # 1; the assault of print magazine by digital media The culture of magazine reading has for a long time dictated the lifestyle of most people. This has in turn made it possible to deduce from these sales how people are living their lives, their likes and dislikes and such nuances. Your article on the changing faces of magazine reading clearly depicts this assertion that many pundits have held for long. Due to the growing interest in the internet age among the younger generation,...

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[Solved] A Response to Magazine Articles on Readership [Solved] A Response to Magazine Articles on Readership
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