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A leadership challenge

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A leadership challenge

A leadership challenge

In 2007, the Canadian government appointed William Elliott to the post of Commissioner of the RCMP, Canada`s national police force. Elliott, a senior bureaucrat and former national security advisor to Canada`s prime minister, was the first civilian to head the nearly 135-year old RCMP agency. Elliott`s appointment cam in response to independent investigations that faulted the RCMP for a dysfunctional organizational culture and misuse of the mounties` insurance and pension funds. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper`s choice of Elliott was against the wishes of senior RCMP officials who wanted someone from within the agency appointed to the top position. Elliott was not a member of the RCMP nor did he have police experience. Your research paper must address the following questions: 1. What leadership challenges face an outsider who is appointed to head a police agency? 2. Can a person without police experience manage a police agency effectively? 3. Can a person without police experience lead a police agency? 4. What leadership skills should the chief executive of a police agency possess and demonstrate? Paragraph format is required and you must compartmentalize your essay according to the questions that you are required to address; i.e. break the body of the essay down into 4 (or more) components which clearly answer the questions asked. In addition, your research paper should have a clearly defined introduction, body and conclusion. (cbc has articles dealing with these issues that you can site)
A LEADERSHIP CHALLENGES Name Institution Affiliation Course Date of Submission Introduction There have been challenges in the Canadian RCMP agency that face executives and this calls for the need of developing of an organization which has the capability of recognizing , relating and assimilation of the global culture, information and technology. The community on the other hand have changing expectation, the value of the work force and ethical standards are the forces which must be understood and managed constructively by the incoming executive in the police agency. There is a need for selecting a recognized and accomplished practitioner to explore the police roles, changing them to conform to the changing community expectations and the agency objectives to effective satisfaction (Gehl, 2012). The police leadership needs to be structured in a manner that captures the experience based and produce guidelines, which will enhance the achievement and sustenance of success in the RCMP in the future. Leadership is therefore, an activity that involves at looking at strategies that are provided in leadership on identifying and development of people in an organization, and the commitment to grow an organization from a holistic point of view. Challenges of New Police Chief There are leadership challenges that can face an outsider appointed to head the police agency like William Elliot who was appointed to head the RCMP without any relevant experience in the police force. The cultural trends and characteristics are the major challenges the new police head will face in the police agency be cause they are pervasive at all level of policing (Gehl, 2012). The police agency have adapted a culture of its own which has shaped their location and structure which is very powerful to recon with any organization. Culture wh...

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A leadership challenge A leadership challenge
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