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[Solved]A Business Re-location - Coursework

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[Solved]A Business Re-location - Coursework

Chemgas Ltd., has been in the domestic gas market for a number of years. The existing head office and 600 seat customer contact centre is located in Mall Pall, London. Due to rising costs, the Directors have decided to close the existing site and re-locate the management and contact centre to sunny Huddersfield. The Operations Director has engaged you as the primary consultant to devise a project schedule, budget with cost breakdown, resource plan with a phased implementation plan, this project must be completed within 12 months from the start date.


This is an example of a small work package:









Design the new office layout




Project manager


Business analyst





Develop business Case







Produce implementation plan



Implementation manager









Create staff training programme



Change consultant

£5,000 fixed fee


Carry out staff impact assessment



HR Manager




Produce staff newsletter




£2,000 fixed cost



Sign off project documentation



Project manager



Your project should comprise around twenty to thirty work packages, with around 150 - 200 tasks. The project schedule, should be optimised to be as efficient as possible and the project needs to complete within the shortest time


Hardcopy coursework to be submitted by 11th December 2016 before 3pm BPA reception and a softcopy submitted online


  • Project definition




You can make any reasonable project management assumptions that you wish. Sketch a proposed layout of the site. Provide a justification, as to how the project will be approached, managed and delivered; this component is to be approx. 2,500 words and is to include the scope of the project and any project assumptions made. Demonstration of efficiency gains will gain additional credit.


15 max




5 max

  • WBS




Hand draw a WBS for your project. This should reflect the scope of the works to be undertaken. The WBS should correlate with the MS Project schedule.


10 max

  • Manual fractional networks


Provide a fully linked fractional network for one ‘complex’ work package.

10 max

  • Gantt chart schedule and evidence of resource optimisation


Any necessary manipulations undertaken to provide an optimum solution. The evidence is to be paper-based and recorded via a series of ‘screenshots’ with supporting analysis of any consequences.


30 max

  • Cost forecast


Provide the cumulative cost forecast for the project with a suitable discussion of the data and what this means for the project in terms of ROI


10 max

  • Overall Presentation


Appropriate professional format. For example, contents page. List of files on disk or USB. IT work set out with an appropriate folder structure and a full array of files which demonstrate logical development of the project.


The coursework should be referenced to the University Harvard standard.




10 max


10 max

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[Solved]A Business Re-location - Coursework [Solved]A Business Re-location - Coursework
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