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[Solved]1.You each are responsible for creating a powerpoint presentation. You have chosen the case study you wish to do it on.

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[Solved]1.You each are responsible for creating a powerpoint presentation. You have chosen the case study you wish to do it on.


                                             Case Study #6: Headaches of a CEO

Create a PowerPoint15 slides at minimum. Speaker notes required. Title page and Reference pages do not count as part of the 20.  Take the case study and create culturally competent care for this person, family or business. Every slide needs to relate to the case study and providing culturally competent care. Use what you have learned and will learn in the rest of the course.



1.You each are responsible for creating a powerpoint presentation. You have chosen the case study you wish to do it on.

2. I am the "audience" - create a powerpoint for someone who has limited knowledge in healthcare.

3. In the case studies, you have been hired to do something to help the patients...that is how you present the information..it needs to be culturally competent healthcare. Use all the lectures to help you.


This case focuses on how a small community hospital dealt with the influx of a new culturally different population. Hospital staff from the CEO to the staff in the emergency department needed to find a way to provide services to members of this community.

Mass immigration

About a year ago, the community of White Lake had a large influx of Somali refugees. The institution and community were unprepared to deal effectively with this sudden change in the population. The first indication that change was in the air was when Somali patients started to show up in the emergency room. Staff had difficulty understanding these patients when they presented their medical problems. White Lake Hospital does have a couple of Hmong and Spanish interpreters on the payroll, who are called on an “as needed” basis. The hospital is a small community hospital and does not have resources for a full interpreter services department. While the hospital was able to serve the few Somali patients seen, they could have been better served with improved communication. Assuming the influx of Somali patients was a temporary fluke, CEO Diane Mathis did not move forward to establish a Somali interpreter service. In hindsight, she now realizes that these few patients were only the tip of the iceberg. Over the next 6 months White Lake became home to over 100 Somali refugees.

Communicating with the new community members

When Diane Mathis realized that there was a significant Somali population in White Lake she started working with local groups who were here to help the Somali’s settle into their community. She had been working with some of the Somalis who were LEP to help identify leaders within “their community. It took a great deal of time; however, they had identified two people who were in the process of becoming qualified medical interpreters. Fortunately, they spoke both Somali dialects. The hospital was struggling with the idea that the Somali community was quite small, and there was concern that there may be a risk to individual’s privacy within such a small, close knit community. As an interim measure, staff was instructed to use a language line. Diane knew that the language line was not an ideal way to provide care, but thought that it was a temporary “fix” while she made contact with the community and figured out what this was going to do to the already strained hospital budget.

Meanwhile, the emergency room staff were frustrated with the inability to communicate with the Somali patients coming into the ER. They did not realize that the new CEO was working on this issue and tried to be independent in responding to the need for a Somali interpreter. They proactively formed an e-mail campaign about the problem to some of the state legislators and senators. Although this was quite enterprising on their part, they did not communicate their efforts to Diane Mathis.

 This episode reminded Diane that there are not a lot of culturally diverse people seen at the hospital and she had to remind her staff that they do have access to a language line for all people who come through the doors. Adapting the system of care delivery is a process that takes time. Diane understood this concept, but did not communicate this to her staff providing direct patient care.

Diane Mathis:

“This whole issue of Somali refuges caught me off guard. I can’t believe that the “outgoing” CEO did not brief me that this was to happen! The place I came from in California has so much to offer in resources for qualified interpreter services. I was so motivated to move back here to be closer to my parents that I did not really spend a lot of time looking at the changing demographics of my “hometown” It is frustrating that the Emergency Room staff did not trust that I would continue to work on the issues of providing interpreter services. I spoke with a manager of that department and let her know that the language line was a temporary measure until I could secure face-to-face interpreters. I guess that the staff just assumed that resources and money are limited and I was trying to save some money using the language line”

ER Staff

“We wish our old CEO was still here….He was easy to approach and he could have dealt with this issue. The new CEO comes in an is quickly looking for ways to save a buck……isn’t this typical, we bring an issue to the new management team and they just toss us the language line as the answer to our problem. That service is quick, but it is impersonal and we have to make sure we have phones available for “conference calls” if we are lucky enough to find a cryophone after hours….We decided to take matters into our own hands and lodged the letter writing campaign. We are not sure why the CEO was so upset by our good effort”

Diane Mathis resolved to handle things better next time. She will find a better and more effective way of communicating with her staff. She also decided to be proactive and prepare all the staff of the hospital on how to offer culturally competent care to the Somali refuges.

The CEO decided to hire your group to train the entire staff on cultural competency



1)      To better understand the Somali refugees and their health need, your group decided to study the Somali culture and the plight of the Somali immigrant refugees in the U.S. Describe the common belief systems associated with this culture? What are their common health beliefs?

2)      What role does family and religion play in healthcare decision making process in this culture? What other sociocultural factors influences patient outcome in this culture?

3)      What are the common challenges of the Somali refugees in the United States?

4)      Based on your groups knowledge of the Somali culture and cultural competency care, what suggestions and recommendations will you offer the staff of the hospital in other to provide a culturally sensitive care to the Somali community?

5>what are the two issue  in this case?can you pick them out

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[Solved]1.You each are responsible for creating a powerpoint presentation. You have chosen the case study you wish to do it on. [Solved]1.You each are responsible for creating a powerpoint presentation. You have chosen the case study you wish to do it on.
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