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[Solved]1a) Explain the scope and extent of the facilities management function

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[Solved]1a) Explain the scope and extent of the facilities management function

FM4.01Overview of Facilities Management

Task 2

Task 2 requires you to write a briefing pack for a recruitment agency. Imagine you are about to use a brand new recruitment agency to search and find all levels of Facilities Manager for your organisation. They have not recruited to the FM industry before and so you are providing information that will enable them to find the right people for the job. They need a basic understanding of exactly what FM is. This is your task! Try and set the assignment out in the correct format – as a briefing document – this provides the evidence you require for

5.1. Think about the language you will use. Given that this is a recruitment agency, they may not know much about FM and therefore you should ensure you do not use common FM abbreviations without explaining them. Write everything in full first and put the abbreviations in brackets after. From then on you can use the abbreviation. For example, Facilities Manager (FM); Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and so on. You have a maximum of 6000 words for the whole assignment. I suggest you allow 4000 for Task 1 and 2000 for Task 2.


 Section 1 This section considers the basics of what FM actually is and how it may vary within the different sectors.

1a) Explain the scope and extent of the facilities management function I would provide a definition of FM to start with.

The BIFM definition is always a good one to give but if you have another that is fine. Think about:

 Operational, strategic and tactical FM

 Hard services

 Soft services

 Technical and Specialist services


Describe the range and diversity of contexts in which facilities management services are provided You could address this from several angles:

 The public, private and not for profit sectors and describe how FM may vary between the three. Think about the way the different sectors are funded and how this may affect the services. Private may be able to spend money on aesthetics as they want to impress customers to show success. May also be able to offer additional services – concierge, crèche and so on. Public sector funds come from tax payer so have to be accountable for how money is spent – focus on safety and fit for purpose. Not for profit – reliant on donations which may be intermittent so focus is on safety and fit for purpose.

 You could also discuss options for delivery – in-house, outsourced, TFM, PPP, PFI and what these all mean

 You could discuss the different types of industry – manufacturing, R & D, commercial and offices, education, hospitals and public amenities and how FM may differ.

Explain the relationship between the facilities management function and other business functions You could provide an organisational chart showing where the FM department fits into the organisation and supports the business aims.

You need to discuss how the FM department supports the business objectives. How the FM department adds value to the business. You could also consider how the FM department and other functions work together to support the business so think about HR and the need for FM to work closely on identifying skills gaps, recruiting, disciplinary issues and importantly, TUPE issues; IT and the need for FM to work closely when space planning offices to ensure cabling is in the right place for example and also for troubleshooting IT issues; finance and the need to work closely in terms of budgets etc; Procurement and the need to work to ensure sustainable procurement and so on.

1b) Explain what is meant by support services You might want to describe the difference between core and non-core services and the fact that support services are non-core. Then describe briefly the type of services that would be classed as Support service Explain what is meant by building services Again, describe what is meant by Building Services and then describe some examples of what would constitute Building Services. Explain what is meant by office and building space and its effective management This is slightly different as you need to describe the management of space as well as what it is. Think about working out how much space you need and its effective use. You need to demonstrate you understand the difference between ‘gross space’ ‘net useable space’. You need to quote the recommended space requirement.

You need to think about what usable space you might have. In terms of managing it, think about space audits, number of people and whether the space is being used efficiently. You could also discuss different ways of working – flexible, hot desking, home working etc etc. if you do not have enough space and how you could use it to generate income if you have too much space. Explain the ways that properties and fixed assets are managed and maintained There are two aspects to this section – managing and maintaining. For managing, think about the Property and Asset register. You might want to quote the legislation and state what the registers are and what they allow you to do. This will lead on to maintenance. You need to discuss aspects such as PPM, Reactive maintenance, condition based maintenance etc and how the Property and Asset register allows you to plan PPM in particular.

1c) Explain the principles of corporate responsibility and sustainable facilities management Provide a definition of CSR and sustainability and then go on to identify examples.

You could use your own organisation to describe what your business strategy requires in terms of CSR and sustainability. What do you actually do. Describe the tools and techniques that can be used to ensure that these principles are operating within the facilities management function Think about: Think about the range of tools you could use to ensure your organisation is meeting its CSR targets and then describe briefly how they would be used. You can go from the formal to the informal. Some ideas might be:  Working towards or attainment of standards such as ISO14001 or Green Dragon

 Risk Management

 Waste Management

 Supplier management in terms of CSR

 Staff surveys And so on.

What are they and how are they used

Task 2

Explain the key management functions within facilities management This will depend on the size and type of organisation but think about all the management functions the FM may be responsible for. You need to briefly describe them. Some ideas might be:

 People Management and leadership

 Project Management

 Budget Management

 Customer Services Management

 Supplier and Contractor Management

 Health & Safety Management.

Describe the various roles and responsibilities that a facilities manager could have within different organisations and at different levels. Look at your FM structure and describe the main job roles of people at different levels from FM Director down to FM Assistant. You also need to consider different organisations. My advice here would be to consider the role of the FM working in-house, for a service provider and perhaps as an intelligent client. These will differ in terms of overall management, management of services, management of in-house, management of contractors

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