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1.1Evaluate approaches to self-managed learning

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1.1Evaluate approaches to self-managed learning

Personal and Professional Development















Learning outcome






In this assessment you will have the










opportunity to present evidence that




















shows you are able to:















Understand how




Evaluate approaches to self-managed

















learning can





Propose ways in which lifelong learning in

LO 1

enhance lifelong




personal and professional contexts could be


















Evaluate the benefits of self-managed








learning to the individual and organisation




















Be able to take





Evaluate own current skills and



responsibility for




competencies against professional standards



own personal and





and organisational objectives







Identify own development needs and the

LO 2




activities required to meet them













Identify development opportunities to meet








current and future defined needs


















Devise a personal and professional








development plan based on identified needs












Be able to




Discuss the processes and activities required



implement and



to implement the development plan









continually review




Undertake and document development



own personal and



activities as planned









LO 3






Reflect critically on own learning against

development plan










original aims and objectives set in the

















development plan




















Update the development plan based on








feedback and evaluation












Task 1 : (LO 1: 1.1 – 1.3)(M1, D3)


Prepare a document that reflects your understanding about how self-managed learning can enhance lifelong development.


Your document should include:


  • Evaluation of approaches to self-managed learning like learning through research, learning through others (mentoring, coaching etc.), Seminars, Conferences, interviews, use of internet, social media etc.


  • Benefits of self-managed learning to the individual and to the organization like new skillsets, enhanced performance, education upgrade, skilled workforce etc.


  • Ways in which lifelong learning in Personal and Professional contexts could be encouraged like self-directed learning, continuing professional development, linking higher education with industry, further education, apprenticeship etc.


Task 2 (LO 2: 2.1 – 2.4)(M2, M3, D2)


Prepare a document that demonstrates your ability to take responsibility for you own personal and professional development


Your document should include:


  • Evaluation of your current skills and competencies against professional standards and organizational objectives of your relevant industry. This may include Skills audit, personal profile, personal and interpersonal skills etc.


  • Identification of development needs that you feel required for your future personal and professional growth. Also include the activities that will be helpful to achieve these development needs.


  • A development plan having your current performances, future development needs, opportunities and threats to career progression, aims and objectives etc. and how you will proceed to achieve your goals and targeted objectives.


Task 3 (LO 3: 3.1 – 3.4)(M3, D1)


Undergo through the execution of your development plan and compile a report having following elements that reflect your ability to implement and continually review own personal and professional development plan.



Your report should include:


  • Identification of processes and activities required to implement the development plan like taking classes, acquiring professional services, adopting self-learning using internet or other Medias etc.


  • Development activities undertaken as planned and your experience in this regard.


  • A critical evaluation of your learning at the end of development plan as to what extent it was fruitful to you and whether it complied with your set aims and objectives.


  • Any updates that may be required in your development plan that you may feel required for meeting the original aims and objectives. This may be on the basis of your personal observation and/or the feedback from external evaluator. 

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1.1Evaluate approaches to self-managed learning 1.1Evaluate approaches to self-managed learning
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