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[Solved]1.1 Explain the process of communication

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[Solved]1.1 Explain the process of communication

ATHE Level 4 Diploma in Management

Communication Skills

Learning Outcomes

1 Understand how internal communication takes place within organisations

1.1 Explain the process of communication

1.2 Assess the appropriate use of different modes of communication for different purposes

1.3 Analyse barriers to effective communication within organisations

2 Understand how organisations communicate with customers

2.1 Evaluate formal communication systems used by organisations to communicate with customers

2.2 Analyse the effectiveness of using social media to communicate with customers

2.3 Assess the images organisations portray through their communications

3 Understand the factors that impact on the effectiveness of communications

3.1 Assess the impact of personal relationships on effective communications

3.2 Assess the impact of non-verbal communication on oral communications

3.3 Assess the impact of technology on oral and written communication

3.4 Review the use of conventions in written communications

4 Be able to present oral information effectively

4.1 Design an oral presentation for a specified audience

4.2 Present complex information orally

4.3 Use technology to support presentation skills

4.4 Assess effectiveness of own communication

5 Be able to communicate effectively in writing

5.1 Communicate complex information for specific purposes

5.2 Document a meeting

5.3 Use charts and graphs to convey quantitative data

5.4 Review written communication

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[Solved]1.1 Explain the process of communication [Solved]1.1 Explain the process of communication
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