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1.1 explain the elements of internet marketing

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1.1 explain the elements of internet marketing

Internet Marketing

Learning Outcomes Content Assessment Criteria for Pass


LO1 Understand marketing through the internet


The elements of internet marketing: definition of digital marketing; definition of e-commerce and e-business; the internet micro- and macro-environment; benefits of internet marketing eg reach, scope, immediacy, interactivity, targeting; adaptive and closed loop marketing


The internet marketing mix: product and branding; place eg channels, virtual organisations; price eg auctions; promotions; people; processes; physical evidence; digital marketing tools/e-tools; the online marketing matrix including business and consumer markets; the online customer


Interactive order processing: choosing a supplier; selecting a product; check stock availability; placing order; authorisation of payment; input of data; data transfer; order processing; online confirmation and delivery information; tracking of order; delivery; data integrity and security systems; technology eg three-tier architecture (client-server-database); webforms


1.1 explain the elements of internet marketing


1.2 evaluate the internet marketing mix


1.3 compare internet marketing tools – e-tools


1.4 examine interactive order processing


LO2 Be able to use the internet for promotion using digital marketing communications


Search engine marketing (SEM): definition of SEM, definition of search engine optimisation (SEO); advantages and disadvantages of SEO; best practice in SEO; paid search engine marketing, pay per click advertising (PPC); landing pages; long tail concept; geo-targeting eg Google AdWords; opt in email and email marketing


Online public relations (OPR): definition; advantages and disadvantages; best practice in OPR; online partnerships and affiliation; interactive display advertising; mobile commerce; viral marketing; using offline techniques to support online media


The internet as a community: customer ‘ownership’ of sites via interactivity, instant messaging (IM); chatrooms; discussion groups; blogs; portals eg yahoo; social media networks eg Facebook; file sharing sites eg YouTube; Flickr, Twitter; how businesses can use these media; online


2.1 demonstrate the mechanics of search engine marketing


2.2 write the copy for a suitable optin email marketing newsletter


2.3 follow guidelines for best practice in online public relations


2.4 demonstrate how businesses can use new digital media communities, eg file-sharing sites20 reputation management tactics


LO3 Be able to produce market research to support customer relationship management


Market research: secondary research data eg published surveys and reports, online research communities; Google insights and trends; blogs; government information eg census; types of research eg researching customer needs; types of information required eg quantitative data or qualitative data; primary market research methods eg online surveys; open and closed questions; focus groups; listening labs


Steps in online market research: establish the project goals eg secondary research – background to a business problem, primary research – new product for existing customers; determine your sample; choose research methodology eg survey sent via email or advertised online; create your questionnaire eg www.surveymonkey.com; pre-test the questionnaire; conduct interviews; enter data; analyse data; produce the reports


Relationship marketing: benefits of relationship marketing eg loyalty, lower costs, easier targeting; electronic customer relationship marketing (eCRM); operational CRM; analytical CRM and data mining eg Amazon past purchase suggestions – collaborative filtering; web analytics; conversion optimisation; segmenting customers eg by value, by loyalty; eCRM technology eg Sales Force software; implementing eCRM eg attracting new and existing customers, incentivising customers, embrace, capturing information; collaborative CRM; maintaining dialogue online and offline; vendor relationship management VRM


Security and trust issues: ‘permission marketing’; value of orders; lead times; payment authorised in advance; consumer trust; transaction security eg data, financial details; UK Data Protection Act


3.1 conduct secondary market research


3.2 design an online survey


3.3 demonstrate the use of electronic customer relationship marketing


LO4 Be able to design an internet marketing plan


The internet marketing plan: situational analysis, key performance indicators in internet marketing eg click through rates, churn rates, sessions; SWOT eg examination of business strengths eg, customer data, weaknesses, opportunities eg opt in email campaigns, threats; environmental analysis; competitors analysis; channel analysis eg texting; set objectives; target markets eg segmenting by channel; decide media eg pay per click; control; feedback


Creating an online pay per click campaign: preplanning eg online and offline analysis of the business (as above); customer demographics; the industry and competitors; goal definition eg branding campaigns; set budget, Cost Per Action (CPA) and targets; keyword research; copywriting; bidding; measure; analysing; testing; optimising


4.1 produce an outline internet marketing plan


4.2 create a presentation on pay per click advertising.

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1.1 explain the elements of internet  marketing 1.1 explain the elements of internet marketing
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