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[Solved]1.1 Explain how marketing can be defined

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[Solved]1.1 Explain how marketing can be defined

ATHE Level 5 Diploma in Management

Marketing Principles and Practice

Unit aims

To develop an understanding of general marketing principles and their application to business.

Learning outcomes 

1 Understand the role of marketing in business

1.1 Explain how marketing can be defined

1.2 Explain the contribution of marketing to the achievement of business objectives

1.3 Analyse the external factors influencing marketing

1.4 Explain the role of marketing in a not for profit business

1.5 Explain the elements of the marketing process

2 Understand the principles of marketing

2.1 Explain the different elements of the marketing mix

2.2 Explain methods of segmenting markets

2.3 Evaluate the benefits of segmenting markets

2.4 Analyse different methods of researching a market

2.5 Explain how current technology impacts on marketing activity

3 Understand the application of the marketing mix in a specific business

3.1 Review the market segments for a specific product or business

3.2 Analyse how the business positions its products or services

3.3 Explain how products are distributed

3.4 Analyse the use of pricing strategies

3.5 Analyse the promotional strategy used by the business

4 Be able to develop a marketing plan for a specific product or service

4.1 Propose strategic aims and objectives for the plan

4.2 Determine the target market/s for marketing activity, with justification

4.3 Analyse the macro and microenvironmental factors influencing the marketing planning

4.4 Propose a marketing mix for the product or service

4.5 Explain how factors relevant to the implementation of the plan have been considered

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[Solved]1.1 Explain how marketing can be defined [Solved]1.1 Explain how marketing can be defined
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