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[Solved] 1. Why do you want to work for us?

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[Solved] 1. Why do you want to work for us?



      A dedicated and extremely trustworthy Shop Manager with impeccable skills and keen eye for detail. Fully conversant with latest food hygiene regulations. Always very well presented with excellent time keeping skills. A strong communicator, willing to take instructions and a great team player able to effectively multi-task with great accuracy. Good with numbers and many years of cash handling skills. Can work with different types of till technology to process orders and generate bills.                                                                                                                   






Feb 2017-Present WENZEL’S THE BAKERS- Shop Manager                          



  • Training and supervising staff, organising rotas and holiday.
  • Overseeing pricing and stock control.
  • Maintaining statistical and financial records.
  • Dealing with customer queries and complaints.
  • Maximising profitability and setting/meeting sales targets, including motivating staff to do so.
  • Ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation.



Apr 2016-Feb 2017 WENZEL’S THE BAKERS- Supervisor, Shop Assistant Manager



  • Working in a busy and dynamic environment that changes daily.
  • Replacing the Shop Manager during holidays or days off.
  • Preparing all types of sandwiches, salads. 
  • Ensure goods are well displayed and keep the shop floor clean and tidy.
  • Welcome and advise customers, handle payments.


Oct 2012-Apr 2016 CHARMWOOD LTD –RUISLIP UK-Assistant Manager



  • Responsible to open and close a busy card and gift shop.
  • Responsible for orders, to receive and price the stock.
  • Helping customers to choose the right balloons decoration and get them ready in time, organizing parties
  • Responsible to print, pack and dispatch all the online orders in time.




Feb 2012-Aug 2013 CANCER RESEARCH–RUISLIP-Voluntary Work Assistant Manager 



  • Working in a team of 3-6 volunteer workers in a busy high street charity shop.
  • Responsible to open/close the shop, cashing up and take the money to the bank.
  • Interviewing the possible volunteer workers.
  • Dealing with customers, phone calls, cash and credit cards payments.


Jan 2012- Oct 2013 CKC COFFE SHOP- PINNER UK-Waitress                                                    



  • Working in a busy cafe seating up to 30 people.
  • Opening the coffee shop in the morning and closing after the program.
  • Working in a team of 2 catering assistants.
  • Preparing snacks and drinks within tight deadlines.


Dec 2008-Jan 2012 ZIPPOS CIRCUS UK – Catering assistant                                                



  • Working in a busy cafe seating up to 400 people.
  • Working in a team of 3 catering assistants.
  • Receive food and drink orders, serve customer requests to the standards required.
  • Preparing snacks and drinks within tight deadlines.




Jan 2016 - Present: BSc Business Management       Roehampton, University London

Aug 2012 Level 2 Diploma in Retail Skills (QCF)    Derby College

May 2012 Level 1 Hospitality Industry                          Uxbridge College

Aug 2009 Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering    London

2000-2004 Math-Info High School of Babadag             Romania

1996-2000 General School of Babadag                        Romania


Language skills:

                     Speaking              Reading            Writing

English         Fluent                      Fluent               Fluent

Romanian    Fluent                        Fluent                Fluent




APPLICATION FORM (maximum 200 words per answer)

  1. 1.      Why do you want to work for us?



  1. 2.      Tell us about a time you worked in a group to achieve an objective (what did you do and what was the outcome?)



  1. 3.      Tell us about a time when you identified a new approach to solve a problem. (what did you do and what was the outcome?)



  1. 4.      Tell us about a time when you had to manage a number of different priorities and complete a number of tasks in a short amount of time (what did you do and what was the outcome?)



  1. 5.      Tell us about a project you worked on that required you to persuade others to your point of view (what did you do and what was the outcome?)

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[Solved] 1.      Why do you want to work for us? [Solved] 1. Why do you want to work for us?
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