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[Solved]1. Ohm’s law (1) and Joule’s Law for Power (2)

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[Solved]1. Ohm’s law (1) and Joule’s Law for Power (2)

Electricity DC Theory: Series and Parallel Circuits


Compose a paper describing the rules of voltage, resistance and current (and power) in a DC series circuit and a DC parallel circuit. Explaining how voltage, current and resistance are affected when a short circuit or open circuit occurs in series and parallel circuits.
Paper must be typewritten using reasonable margins and reasonable font and double spaced. Use DIAGRAMS, FORMULAS and CIRCUIT EXAMPLES to support your claims. These may be hand drawn if necessary. So, for example if you claim that current is everywhere the same in a series circuit, the following would support your claim. “In a series circuit, current is everywhere the same so that; I(T)=I(1)=I(2)=I(3)…”
I am looking for characteristics of these circuits. I am looking for formulas. I am looking for diagrams. Ohm’s law should be a part of this paper, but be careful not to repeat yourself. Start with series, then present parallel.
When you are finished, you should have an almost side-by-side comparison of how voltage, current, resistance relate in series and in parallel. You should also have a working understanding of troubleshooting a series or parallel circuit and how shorts and opens affect a series or parallel circuit.
I would suggest the following outline:
1. Ohm’s law (1) and Joule’s Law for Power (2)
2. Series circuits – definition of (3)
a. Voltage(4)
b. Current(5)
c. Resistance(6)
3. Short circuit/Open circuit; Series(7)
a. Voltage(8)
b. Current(9)
c. Resistance(10)
4. Parallel circuits – definition of (11) paths (12)
a. Voltage(13)
b. Current(14)
c. Resistance(15)
5. Short circuit/Open circuit; Parallel (16)
a. Voltage(17)
b. Current(18)
c. Resistance(19)
Organization of paper (20)
(Numbers in parenthesis stand for new paragraphs)
There should be an Intro – Main Focus
Paragraphs explaining
Closing Statement


Series and Parallel Circuits Name Instructor Date Series and Parallel Circuits In making humanity understand the laws of electricity and the calculations, there are scientists who devised different laws like Kirchhoff and Joules. Their laws relate current, voltage and resistance. Besides, there are two major connections that are studied. These are parallel and series connections. These two connections vary in their characteristics of current, voltage and resistance (Walker, Resnick & Halliday, 2014). It is these features distinguish the two connections. In analysis presented in this paper, the series and parallel connections are analyzed in terms of current, voltage, resistance, closed and open circuits. Ohms law Ohms law establishes the potential difference and how it relates to resistance and current. The law states that “the potential diffe


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[Solved]1. Ohm’s law (1) and Joule’s Law for Power (2) [Solved]1. Ohm’s law (1) and Joule’s Law for Power (2)
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