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1. Analyze the role, importance and limitations of strategic decision-making in today’s business.

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1. Analyze the role, importance and limitations of strategic decision-making in today’s business.

Postgraduate Program Subject Outline Subject Code: TBS 921 Subject Name: Strategic Decision Making

Postgraduate Program Subject Outline

Subject Code: TBS 921   Subject Name: Strategic Decision Making

1     Subject Description

This subject is theory and case based and will provide a study of the development of strategic decision-making and its application to corporate strategy. The subject consists of three main sections; strategic analysis, strategic choice, and strategy implementation. However, it is more realistic to consider these from an integrated point of view and students will be strongly encouraged to develop holistic ideas of strategic decision-making, with emphasis on solutions to actual business challenges. Students should also realize that much of the strategic thinking that will be covered in this subject is also relevant to not for profit organizations.  The theme throughout the subject will be to assess strategic capability and determine appropriate strategic actions, by developing a sound understanding of the mechanisms behind industry opportunities and threats. That is not to say that a purely mechanistic view is appropriate. Creativity, divergent lateral thinking and some understanding of risk management are essential requirements. The ability to find company information and develop a sophisticated understanding of case information are also skills that will be developed to encourage an educated approach to strategic decision making.

2     Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this subject, the student should be able to:


  1. Analyze the role, importance and limitations of strategic decision-making in today’s business.


  1. Demonstrate some proficiency in the use of certain strategic analysis tools and their application.


  1. Develop their ability to evaluate strategically business decision-making and their own personal career progression.


  1. Develop an ability to build scenarios in business and/or personal career planning.


  1. Understand the importance of information gathering in strategic decision-making and to interpret and evaluate this information appropriately.


3     Subject Schedule



Lecture Topic(s)

Related Text Chapter(s)


Assignments Due




Introduction to the course

Introducing Strategy 

Chapter 1


Commentary: The Strategy Lenses


Allocation for group case presentations





The Environment:

PESTEL Analysis, 5 forces analysis, strategic groups and mapping




Chapter 2



Preparation for Case Study presentations/debates


Key Debate 1




Strategic Capabilities: Resources, Capability & Competencies;

Stakeholder Analysis




Chapter 3 


Key Debate 2


Preparations for Group Case Study Presentations





Strategic Purpose

Culture and Strategy





Chapters 4 & 5



Group Case Presentations


The LEGO group (p 544)


Vodafone (p 559)





Types of Strategies


Business Level Strategy



Chapter 6

Group Case Presentations


H&M in fast fashion (p 575)


Ryan Air (p 612)






Corporate Strategy & Diversification




Chapter 7

Group Case Presentations


Pierre Fabre (P.600)


Marks & Spencer (p 624)





International-level Strategy


Chapter  8


Group Case Presentations


TESCO (P.657)


Acquisition of Cadbury by Kraft Foods (686)





Innovation and Entrepreneurship





Chapter 9  


 Case Study / Exercise







Merger and Acquisition    



Chapter  10


Case Study / Exercise







Strategy Methods and Evaluation



 Chapter 11


Case Study / Exercise









Strategy Development Processes;



Chapter 12  


Case Study / Exercise


Term Project Report





Strategy Implementation

Organizing for Success


Chapter 13  






Leadership and Strategic Change

Sum up and review


Chapters 14 & 15



4     Assessment

5.1            Assessment Of Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome

Measures (Elements of Assessment)


             Case Analysis, Final Exam


             Case Analysis, Report, Final Exam


             Case Analysis, Report, Final Exam


             Report, Final Exam


             Case Analysis, Report, Final Exam           

Outline and Requirements

In this assignment, you will assume the role of a management consultant, who has the role of conducting a strategic analysis of a company located in UAE and providing the company with recommendations for improved long-term performance. 

You are required to conduct a strategic analysis of the business or organization.  This should include application of various strategic frameworks and use relevant data/ information to analyze and draw relevant conclusions. 


Your assignment should include an analysis of the major strategic problems or issues faced by the company, and conclude with recommendations to assist the company in dealing with its major strategic issues.


Recommended issues to discuss in the major assignment.


These are recommended issues only.  You may combine some of these issues, leave some out if they are not relevant, or add other issues if appropriate.


  1. Executive summary (cover page, summarizing the main points of your strategic analysis, as below).
  1. A brief description of the organization’s current business and operations (product-markets served, location, current strategy, etc.)
  1. An external analysis (at the industry/macro-environment levels) to identify the potential opportunities and threats. 
  1. A “Five-forces” analysis of the industry the organization is based in. Apply this model to discuss the competitive position of the organization and how the change at the industry/macro-environment levels would affect the competitive position.
  1. An internal analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses and what are the distinctive competencies.
  1. Based on the above, what are the major strategic issues and challenges that the organization should address?

Suggest recommendation for new strategic direction and how it should be implemented.


Marking Criteria

Assessment of the report will be based on the student’s ability to employ the frameworks and models presented in the course in their analysis and discussion. Students will also be evaluated based on the quality and extent of their research and use of information. It is also important that the report is well structured, properly referenced as per Harvard referencing system and clearly written.


Application of various strategic frameworks and models in analysis- 30%

Use of relevant data and information in analysis                              - 30%

Identification of strategic issues                                                        - 10%

Making justified recommendations of strategic direction                  - 20%

Structure and presentation of report, proper referencing                 - 10%



Assessment Task: 2

Case Analysis and Presentation




Presentation and Report

Learning Outcome Measured:

1, 2, 3, 5

Total Marks:

50 (25 for presentation and 25 for report)



Date, Time and Location:

As per schedule

Outline and Requirements

Each group (4 students only) would be assigned a case study. The group is expected to identify the strategic issues being faced in the case, employ the frameworks and models presented in the course to analyze the case and draw conclusions for future direction. The group should submit the presentation slides and the report. Each group to make a presentation in the class (30 mins) then defend debate questions from rest of the class. The presentation should include appropriate references / readings, and highlight contribution of each member. The total number of slides used could be between 8 and 10 slides.


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1. Analyze the role, importance and limitations of strategic decision-making in today’s business. 1. Analyze the role, importance and limitations of strategic decision-making in today’s business.
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