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1) Analyse and discuss and the nature of innovation brought about by Netflix in the home movie distribution sector

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1) Analyse and discuss and the nature of innovation brought about by Netflix in the home movie distribution sector

 Using the Netflix case study provided, and current research on the company and industry, address the following tasks: Harvard referencing system should be used in all assignment. Title of the task: Assignment 1 Resubmission

1) Analyse and discuss and the nature of innovation brought about by Netflix in the home movie distribution sector. (30%)

2) Identify and analyse the main drivers that encouraged Netflix to innovate in this industry? (20%)

3) Critically evaluate the factors you consider enabled and hindered Netflix to innovate within this industry? (30%)

4) Evaluate the extent to which you consider Netflix to be a disruptive innovation in the industry.(20%)



The aim of this coursework is to study Solid waste management by landfill in Oman


  • To study the design and operation of landfill.
  • To understand the solid waste disposal in Oman.



  1. A.   Knowledge and understanding of the topic

This is the factual foundation of the assignment. The essential facts should be accurate and broad enough in their scope to allow further application.

  1. B.   Application and analysis of the topic (Module specific Skill)

This is the way in which you analyze/ examine the factual information and how you interpret this information to add value to your answer (this could be in the form of conclusions, solutions, recommendations etc.). It is also important to remember that the assessor must logically be able to follow the information in assignment submissions.

  1. C.   The structure in terms of logic and coherence

Submissions should have a clear start and a clear end. Information within submissions should also be logical and well grouped. Report structure; Abstract, Introduction, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, Future work and Referencing.

  1. D.   The use of relevant work examples and/or examples gained from further reading

Suggestions for further reading are contained within the course work and indicated at the end of the course work. These reading lists are not exhaustive and candidates are encouraged to read further and reference at the end of the course work using Harvard style of referencing.

Task- Site visit, report and presentation                                                   [100 Marks]


A landfill is a solid waste management facility that utilizes an engineered method of land disposal, primarily for Municipal Solid Wastes. An “engineered” method of landfilling means that wastes are handled at a disposal facility that is designed constructed and operated in a manner protective of public health and the environment. The treatment of solid wastes is also a key component of waste management. There are around 350 no. of such dumpsites/ landfills/ are in operation all over the Sultanate of Oman. In order to achieve practical experiences on Solid Waste land fill operation or treatment, a site visit is being arranged to Municipal Waste disposal landfill site/ treatment plant in one of the city of Oman.

Task expected  

Report preparation

Write a report on summarizing the technical details of the landfilled site including operation and management. A summary of technical and operational details on the observations made during the site visit should be submitted and presented. 

The report should include the following with appropriate introduction and conclusion:

  1. Introduction
  • Brief history and geographical information of the disposal site/treatment plant
  1. Details of the project visited (Design aspect)
  • Engineering design and details specification
  • Skeletal flow diagram of the facility
  • Existing problems
  1. Details of the project visited (Operation aspect)
  • Sources and  composition  of  waste
  • Waste Collection systems
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Leachate and gas generation and control
  • Existing problems
  1. Environmental significance of the project
  2. Conclusion (What Did you learn from the study)
  • Improving measures
  • Technical
  • Operational

Also some of the technical data on the disposal site and the information collected from the site should be included for any future reference.

Report requirement and submission

  1. Submit the assignment on/before 14th May, 2017. Presentation will on the same week.
  2. Assignment should be subjected to plagiarism checks with TURNITIN software and report must be included in the assignment.
  3. Assignment should not be less than 1000 words.
  4. Information and data on similar subject matter may be collected from Municipalities, Ministries, Internet and other sources but must be referenced as suitable.
  5. Font size of body text should be 12 new times roman, headings 12 new times roman BOLD, subheadings 12 new times roman italic.

Poster presentation: Each student should individually prepare electronic poster of the report and present it. The presentation will be for 10 min duration comprising presentation and question and answer session

Poster requirement

The poster must show clearly the area of work. All this must be done in a concise fashion.  Annotated drawings and graphs have more impact than script.

The poster should be complete in that it is understandable to the viewer without verbal comment.

Production of a poster will test the student`s ability to extract the important and essential elements from the study and to display these elements in an attractive and informative manner.  Judgement of the essentials of a piece of work and the presentation of those essentials in a convincing and time-efficient way is important not only in technical conferences but also in industry. 


  1. The poster must be prepared in electronic form of A1 size which is normally to be displayed with the longer edge vertical. 
  1. The title sheet must contain the following information:
  1. Title of the study
  2. Name of Student
    1. Year of Study
    2. Date (year only).
  1. The title should be prepared in capital letters with 62 font size
  1. Captions on figures and drawings should be in capital letters with 20 font size.
  1. Display lettering can be prepared using a variety of methods including `press letters` (e.g. Letterset), stencils and photographic enlargement of ordinary type.  Students should consider using computer-aided techniques (e.g. graph plotters, presentation graphics software).
  2. This is an electronic poster so student doesn’t need to prepare hard copy.

Marking Scheme:


Total Mark





Details of the project visited (Design aspect)


Details of the project visited (Operation aspect)


Environmental significance of the project


Conclusion (What Did you learn from the study)


References (CCE Harvard Style)



Poster Presentation (electronic)



Grading of Course work

Poster template is given bellow


Title of the study    :

Name of Student:  

Students Number:


Tutor’s Name:                                                             Year: 2016 – 17













DESIGN ASPECT OF THE PROJECT:                      















































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1) Analyse and discuss and the nature of innovation brought about by Netflix in the home movie distribution sector 1) Analyse and discuss and the nature of innovation brought about by Netflix in the home movie distribution sector
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