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The Wife of Bath Compared to Todays Woman


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The Wife of Bath Compared to Todays Woman

The Wife of Bath Compared to Todays Woman

I will be attaching a checklist to follow and the way the paper should be written.
The Wife of Bath Compared to Today`s WomanStudent:Professor:Course title:Date:The Wife of Bath Compared to Today`s Woman “The Wife of Bath” prologue and tale in Geoffrey Chaucer`s the Canterbury Tales provides an insight into the position and role of women in the medieval ages. The prologue both critiques and draws from the long middle ages tradition of antifeminism text. This paper provides a critical analysis of “The Wife of Bath” compared to today`s woman. Before the wife begins her tale, she first shares information regarding her life and experiences in a prologue. As she begins her lengthy prologue, she announces that she has always followed the rule of experience instead of authority. The author stresses that the Wife had “Housbondes at chirche dore she hadde five” (Cooper 92), meaning that she had been married five times. She has previously had five husbands and sees nothing wrong with it, and as such, she believes she has enough experience to make her an expert. Defending her position, she refers to King Solomon who had many wives and prefers the go forth and multiply biblical command. To her, sexual organs were made both for pleasure and functional purposes, and contrast to many women who are cold, she has always been disp...

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