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The Human Rights Act has revolutinized the way in which judges interpret statutes Research Paper


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The Human Rights Act has revolutinized the way in which judges interpret statutes Research Paper

The Human Rights Act has revolutinized the way in which judges interpret statutes Research Paper

****Please Note**** Topic:"The Human Rights Act has revolutinized the way in which judges interpret statutes" ****THIS IS UK LAW ONLY*** 1.This Research Essay must be 7 pages 2.Bibliography 3.Essay must be written using 1.5 spacing ***The additional 3 pages is to answer the following questions*** 1.What were your initial impressions of the issues posed and to what extent did your understanding of the issues changed as you carried out your research? 2. Explain how you found source material.Which sources were of most use in constructing your essay? Rank these sources in terms of their authority and ease of understanding. 3. Outline your conclusions and explain the extent to which they are justified by arguments from the sources you have identified. 4. If you were to undertake the same research exercise tomorrow what, if anything, would you do differently? PLEASE, NO ONLINE SOURCES!
Name:Instructor:Course:Date of submission:The Human Rights Act Has Revolutionized the Way In Which Judges Interpret StatutesThe United Kingdom was not initially a single country as it is today; instead, it was created from a group of countries that came together. As a result, the legal system that the United Kingdom puts in practice is a product of these countries` legal systems. These legal systems include that of the English law, the Scots law and the Northern Ireland law (Bowcott 2012). All of the three legal systems apply in different parts of the kingdom. The system is based on the common law, which leans on the civil laws that date back to the Middle Ages. Although most of the laws that are used in these parts of the kingdom are different in terms of level of detail common law, they have a substantive chunk of their laws that is applied across the whole kingdom. These countries became one, after they signed a treaty to form the United Kingdom. The Article 19 as a result, of the other countries` political union, captures part of that treaty. In the year 1707, through the acts of union, that created the Great Britain, stated that there was a union between the kingdom and Scotland, although the later was to remain independent as a legal system (Mou, 2012). The same took place in the year, 1800, where the United Kingdom and the partner Ireland were to maintain different courts, although they shared the same legal system. It is crucial to note that the highest court in the land is Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. These means that all the civil and criminal cases from the independent countries come here for the final hearing (Bowcott 2012). Before the Supreme Court was formed in the year 2009, there was House of Lords committee that practiced the roles of the court. United Kingdom human rightsThe laws that govern the right s of the people of the United Kingdom, spreads its tap root in the 1689 English Bill of Rights, while borrowing some of its parts from the European legislations. These laws have had their share of criticism from the public, activists and some of the scholars in and out of the kingdom. Some of this criticism has from the fact that the legal system has had de facto and de jure human right laws that are discriminating in nature. To most of the people, this is a clear violation of their rights as the citizens of the United Kingdom. These events are surrounded by mostly the national crises, which are due to security (Equality and human rights commission 2013). In particular, the rights have been criticized to be leaning onto the human rights of the offenders while those of their victims are overlooked. Some the cases that have brought these issues to the lime light include the case of the Afghan hijackers, which took place in 2006, and the Laerco Chindamo. The conservatives and other critics of the human rights have been calling for the review of the human right among other related legislation.The citizenWhen one is a citizen...

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