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Properties of Egg and Cream in Ice cream


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Properties of Egg and Cream in Ice cream

Properties of Egg and Cream in Ice cream


Properties of Egg and Cream in Ice cream INSTRUCTIONS: I need a page written on the properties of Egg and Cream in Ice cream. As for the specific properties of egg yolk protein, the major one we`re dealing with/wanting to engage is lecithin, which is an emulsifier. Emulsifiers allow oil and water to mix together and stay in suspension. This adds resiliency to the suspension of milk fat in the cream mixture, which is easy to lose with agitation, and as the mixture freezes. Adding the lecithin improves the texture and the flavor of the final product, and the rest of the egg yolk components, particularly the fat, also add to rounding out the flavor. these are the ingredients in the recipe: Product: (Almost) Sugar-free “Chocolate-covered Strawberry” Ice Cream Ingredients: 1 Liter heavy (35%) whipping cream - $4.99 at CostCo, approx. $5.79 at Sobey`s 8 eggs yolk - $3.89/18 count at CostCo 1 pound fresh strawberries - $4.99/pound, depending on week, Sobey`s 4 squares Lindt 90% chocolate - $3.49/bar at Sobey`s 1.5 c Splenda (or equivalent) - $7.99/275 g at Sobey`s 2 tsp pure vanilla extract - $6.99/500mL at CostCo 1.5 tsp refined coconut oil or butter - (Will bring from home, not worth your buying the whole jar.) ½ tsp liquid Sugar Twin - (Will bring from home, not worth buying) ½-1 tsp Norton`s Half-salt (to taste) - (Will bring from home, not worth buying.) when you are able to find a writer can you specify to him/her that I do not need an introduction and conclusion, just paragraphs on the info i had stated in the information box CONTENT: Properties of Egg and Cream in Ice creamName:Institution:Date:The egg yolk is a vital component of the Chocolate-covered Strawberry ice cream, it provides flavor and improves the texture and body of the ice cream. Lecithin facilitates these functions by acting as an emulsifier preventing separation of oils from water, leading to partial coalescence and better texture. Essentially, presence of lecithin and proteins in egg yolks provides appropriate qualities for ice cream. However, it is essential to avoid too much egg yolks as p...

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