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Making English the Official Language in the United States of America


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Making English the Official Language in the United States of America

Making English the Official Language in the United States of America

as you formulate the argument, provide actual example, based on your research to support your position. be sure to acknowledge and logically dismantle opposing point of view along the way. you must at least use five sources, only 3 of which can be found electronically. and two sources must have both in text or parenthetical citation and a corresponding work cited pages
Name:Instructor:Course:Date of submission: Making English the Official Language in U.SIntroduction Declaration of English language to be official would mean that the government official businesses at all stages must be performed solely in English. This may include records public documents, regulations and legislation, and hearings, public meetings and official ceremonies, among others. The legislation of official English bears common sense omissions that permit the other languages use apart from English for the purpose of things like safety services and public health, promotion of tourism, foreign language instruction, as well as judicial proceeding (Chapman, Rogers, 50). The United States` English was influential in passing H.R. one hundred and twenty thee, in the year nineteen ninety-six. This was The Bill Emerson English Language Empowerment Act made in nineteen ninety-six. Making English an official language and bilingual ballots has led to emotional debates of which one of the two should be practiced. Discussion The Bill Emerson English language empowerment Act, had made English in the United States government official language, went through in the Representatives` House with vote of a bipartisan of two hundred and fifty nine versus one hundred and sixty nine. However, the senate failed to act on this bill before the session ended. Presently, the United States ENGLISH is operating in conjunction with Rep. Steve King from lowa to facilitate on passing a bill that would make English official in the one hundred and twelve Congress. H.R nine hundred and seven has been kept pending in the House of ...

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