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Ice Hotel


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Ice Hotel

Ice Hotel

Create a report on the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi in Swedish Lapland. Describe the unique features, location, target market segment and any other details of this establishment. Your report should be at least 1000 words in length.
The Ice hotel Name Course University Tutor Date The Ice hotel The Ice Hotel is situated 125 miles north of Arctic Circle near Jukkasjarvi, Sweden, started its operations in 1992. It is the first and most famous ice hotel. The hotel has 80 rooms and suites, a bar, reception area and a church. One amazing feature about this hotel is that it is made of ice. This beautiful building is made from thousands of tones of ice and snow. Adventurous tourists come from all over the continent to spend their time in this magnificent castle. Because the ice is a natural insulator, the temperatures fit for survival are always maintained. Above all one can contentedly sleep in one of its 32 rooms, wrapped in a thick sleeping bag (Andrews, 2007). During the winter, the shared bathrooms are always heated, and breakfast and supper are served in a warm chalet. Another feature about Ice Hotel is the River Torne that flows outside the hotel, in every season this river motivates them. This river provides exclusive experiences within art and nature which vary in every season of the year. Therefore it is not only a hotel built each year but also a project of art (Vickers, 2005). The Ice hotel also has an ice church. Besides serving as a church it is a place for cultural decoration. Gold leaf is applied to change the light into a warm deep radiance. A considerable quantity of transparent ice is used to in the design, with both sides of the walls to the crypt which is totally clear. Four...

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