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Compensation and Benefit Systems: 20 short answer questions


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Compensation and Benefit Systems: 20 short answer questions

Compensation and Benefit Systems: 20 short answer questions

20 short answer questions. I am not sure how many pages it will take, so if you need more pages beyond 3 let me know. Covering Chapters 1-14. 100 points: 20 short answer essay at 5 points each The book “Strategic Compensation- a Human Resource Management Approach” 5th edition By. Joseph Martocchio
Compensation and Benefit Systems Presented by Name Presented to Lecturer Institution Topic Date Compensation and Benefit Systems Intrinsic Compensation and Discretionary Benefits Intrinsic compensation refers to ability of workers to gain pleasure from their accomplishments of their daily activities. This pleasure acts as their reward or compensation of what they have individually done. This has the effect of making the workers enjoy their tasks. On the other hand, workers sometimes receive rewards on top of their salary or wages. These rewards are not mandatory for one to receive. These kinds of additional rewards are referred to as Discretionary benefits. Strategic Analysis This refers to the act of identifying the strong points of a given business venture position, and comprehending the outward factors that have a direct effect on the position. This process entails identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that the business could be facing. Power Distance and Executive Order Power distance refers to the mode in which power is disseminated in systems of individuals of different ranks. This gives a clear indication of the cultural attitude with reference to human difference in social rankings. Executive order is normally issued by the head of state, it demands for the enforcement of law. This order is always issued with reference to the code of inheritance of power that exits in a given state. The order...

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