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A research paper on strategic management of Vita Group Company


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A research paper on strategic management of Vita Group Company

A research paper on strategic management of Vita Group Company

I will attach an extra sheet that must be followed. Please follow exact pattern and headings for this assessment it is very important. This whole thing is about the company called: VITA GROUP Website is www.vitagroup.com Thank you
A research paper on strategic management of Vita Group CompanyName:Lecturer:University:Course:Subject:Date:Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u  HYPERLINK l "_Toc271950829" Executive summary  PAGEREF _Toc271950829 h 2 HYPERLINK l "_Toc271950830" Background information  PAGEREF _Toc271950830 h 3 HYPERLINK l "_Toc271950831" Assessment of current strategy and the capacity to sustain competitive advantage  PAGEREF _Toc271950831 h 4 HYPERLINK l "_Toc271950832" The major strategic issues  PAGEREF _Toc271950832 h 6 HYPERLINK l "_Toc271950833" Options available  PAGEREF _Toc271950833 h 8 HYPERLINK l "_Toc271950834" Recommendations for sustainable competitive advantage  PAGEREF _Toc271950834 h 9Executive summary Vita Group is a telecommunication and information technology company in Australia. The company is well known for its three brands; “Fone Zone, Next Byte, and One Zero” and various strategically positioned outlets in the country. This paper covers on the strategic management of the company, the various practices as well as the recommendation for the sustainability of its premium production. First, the study starts with a background briefing of the company and how it developed. Secondly, the existing strategies and their sustainability is explained where strategic increment of storage capacity with emphasis to the cutting of costs and increases of office space. The major strategic issues are then overstated where reduction of management roles and the reduction of costs are explained. In addition, control of risks and application of disaster recovery system, greener IT, and brand equity as existing strategies are also explained. For the option available, proper brand positioning is required where creative launching, shortage and market research are the major recommendations of the studyBackground informationTelecommunication and information technology industry is increasingly expanding in the modern society. This is however related with the increased innovation and creativity. Vita Group is one of the major companies dealing with telecommunication and electronics industry in Australia. “Vita, which in Latin means “way of life” works as a role model for the various ways and lifestyle that should be adopted in the choice of the various related equipments. This varies from “mobile phones, compact discs players, computers as well as the internet” with their various effects on our daily lives (Hitachi 2009 1).The company holds three brands, “Fone Zone, Next Byte, and One Zero” which are displayed in various strategically located outlets. The products are of premium quality with an aim of attaining loyalty from the customers. To attain brand loyalty all the products are customer focused with their propositions being put into consideration. Having been brought into function in 2008, the company” aims at increasing the market share in the “communication, internet and comp...

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