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(a) Identify the nature of your product’s marketing environment. [45%]


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(a) Identify the nature of your product’s marketing environment. [45%]


Learning outcomes


Subject Specific:

  • Identify and apply the principles of marketing including the marketing concept in relation to the internal and external marketing environment
  • Apply the marketing mix model to business case studies or contexts
  • Explain and describe the relation between the marketing function and the external environment of the company 

Assignment Overview


Write a marketing plan for your chosen product.


You will need to select and use one example of a product throughout. Ensure you choose an individual product, and not an entire category like ‘cosmetics’, for example.  However, there may be several close variants of your chosen product that you wish to include in your plan – which is acceptable.


The overarching purpose of your marketing plan is to:


(a) Identify the nature of your product’s marketing environment. [45%] 

(b)  Make a strategy statement and set clear objectives relating to the short

to medium-term marketing of the product. [15%] 

(c) Develop tactical marketing solutions that capitalise on the strengths and opportunities, and address the weaknesses and threats identified in (a), in line with the strategic objectives expressed in (b). [30%] 

Additional Guidance Notes:


  1. Although you are being asked to ‘write a marketing plan’ remember that a marketing plan is like a type of ‘report’ with a specific purpose and structure. Your tutor will give you guidance on this format as part of your learning.


  1. This assignment will require you to carry out extensive research into the micro and macro environment of your chosen product, product category and market.


  1. Marketing planning frameworks are important templates that will help you formulate your responses in a logical manner.


  1. It is crucial that what you are suggesting is feasible in terms of implementation.

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