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Diagnostic Radiography - ADVANCED CLINICAL SKILLS

Format: Academic report (presented as an Article critique report plus a personal reflection) Page limit: to enable equitable and manageable marking of this assessment, you are expected to be able to complete this assignment (excluding the References List & Appendices) using no more than 7 pages of writing & figures in size 12 font, 1.5 line spacing, A4 page size, normal margins. If relevant, any figures should be approximately 1/3 page in size. Work submitted on any pages exceeding the specified page limit will not be marked

Computing, Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity - Design Patterns and GUI

General advice  You are advised to back up your work regularly onto your N: drive and on removable storage devices. Always check the date-stamp on your files before submission.  You must submit your work using the software versions we currently have on the University’s network.  Please note that a high standard of presentation is expected. The report should have an appropriate Title Page and a Contents Page, and each page is to be numbered.  The title page should have the following information: Course Code Course Title Assignment Title Lecturer’s Name Student’s Name Academic Year Hand in Date

Non-infectious Disease

DIPLOMA - Assignment LEARNING OUTCOMES 1. Understand the nature of a range of non-infectious disease 2. Understand the relationship between disease and life style

successful or unsuccessful implementation of strategic security management

Produce a case study report concerning the successful or unsuccessful implementation of strategic security management within an organisation. You should:

Describe the fundamental anatomy and function of the human skeleton

Essay Question: Describe the fundamental anatomy and function of the human skeleton. Define the fundamental anatomy and function of the skeletal musculature of the human body.

The gaming industry in Gibraltar

You will consider strategic approaches that the case study organisations could take to position themselves as employers in this evolving labour market; to plan to meet future skill needs and maximise employee retention.

End of Life and Palliative Care Optional Module

Assessment Strategy: Select an end of life care issue relevant to health and social care. Critically analyse and explore this issue with reference to the module learning outcomes and content and relevant nationally published policies and/or clinical guidance. Critically analyse and explore the issue’s relationship to clinical practice and the implications continuing personal and professional development within nursing.

Describe various structures, processes and organisational goals within their workplace.

Purpose of the Assessment: The second assignment in this module encourages you to reflect upon the organisation that you are currently working for. This assignment gives you the opportunity to identify and demonstrate your understanding of key operational processes and activities within your organisation. You are required to identify and describe relevant examples of good practice in relation to relevant operational activities. In conclusion, you are asked to make recommendations and suggestions to improve operational effectiveness within your organisation. This assignment must be submitted in the form of a business report.

Nursing Assignment Case Study

This assessment requires you to select 2 of the 3 Case Studies and complete ALL sections for each case study.

Case Study – Law For Accounting

What is formative assessment? A formative assessment is the term used to describe feedback given to students on an aspect of their performance / work. Whilst formative work is ungraded and is not included in the assessment and does not contribute to the final module mark it is still a very important piece of work as it helps you the student to assess your level of understanding in a particular module. Providing you with the opportunity to undertake a task that relates to the type of work you may have to complete for your assessment (or draws on the same skills the students will need to apply to complete the actual assessment). This way you get a “practice go” at submitting work for which you receive feedback. This is why the University requires all modules to have an element of formative assessment.